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The Technology Transfer Process

  1. 01. Invention

    There are many paths to an invention, including research supported by corporate sponsorships, foundations, and government grants

  2. 02. Technology Disclosures

    Ideas should be submitted through the disclosure form to PCI in order for us to properly protect your invention

  3. 03. Assessment

    The received invention is assigned to a Technology Licensing Officer, who works with the inventor, recommends an IP protection strategy and assesses the invention’s commercial value

  4. 04. Intellectual Property

    Invention disclosures that are deemed to have commercial potential are protected through various channels such as patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and/or know-how

  5. 05. Commercialization Strategy

    We will work with you to determine the best commercialization strategy, which may include licensing to industry or company formation through PCI Ventures, via programs such as UPstart or UPadvisors

  6. 06. Agreements and/or Business Relationships

    Depending on the strategy, PCI will work to generate various types of agreements or relationships that may include an option and/or license to the technology, an MTA or SRA, or a new venture project