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Fall 2016 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the Fall 2016 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.


A revolutionary device for traumatic brain injury research.

Cellecture, LLC

Fully automated and closed system for manufacturing genetically-modified T cells for adoptive cell therapy.


Price comparison tool for online grocery shopping.


An integrated education platform that connects organizations with wellness solutions and passionate practitioners.


Modular low cost multifunctional tool for cataract surgery.

Flexible Meniscal Biter

A flexible meniscal biter for comprehensive and safer treatment of the meniscus in cases where rigid instruments do not work well.


Mobile app that helps professionals reconnect to the people that are important.


A mechanically-activated microcapsule technology to deliver therapeutics in response to mechanical perturbation for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues.

Merge Technologies

Integrating the physical world with the virtual using 3D mapping and virtual reality.


Software that uses biometric data to make mental healthcare more objective and effective.

Smart robotic pet companion to reduce social isolation among the elderly population.

Reproducibility as a Service

Automatic reproducibility for data science.


Rental and service of household no-flush, composting toilets for urban families in high density informal settlements


Microfluidic blood cell counting device for chemotherapy patients.

Summer 2016 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the 2016 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

icorps 056

Breaux Capital

The first fintech startup empowering Black male millennial to pool and invest their money while building their community – together.


Sitting at the intersection of fintech, financial education, and a lifestyle membership club; Breaux Capital is the first financial services startup for Black Male Millennials. Inspired by organizations that empower women to build wealth & culture, Breaux Capital empowers Black millennials, with a focus on Black males, to leverage the power of pooling capital resources for wealth creation. We provide a platform for members to: gain investment and entrepreneurial knowledge, equitably invest their money, network, and serve their community as a cohesive group via our products BreauxEDU and BreauxBOX as well as our membership club the Breaux100.

breau logo

  • Martin Ihrig
  • Brian Williams
  • Derrius Quarles
  • Rachel Pacheco



Easing mealtime disruptions, the must-have mealtime app
icorps 001
MeMix is a mealtime solution based on research and accepted behavior change strategies and tailored to the unique needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  MeMix is an app that promotes nutrition-based education, positive behavioral reinforcement and social support.  Incorporating gamification, MeMix helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder adopt healthy eating behaviors through an interactive platform engaging both parents and children. MeMix provides the framework to ease mealtime frustrations for parents and promotes healthy eating in children
 memix_logo_final Color
  • Sherry Spinnraker
  • Terence Tung
    Iryna Shakhmantsir


Novel robotic technology delivers affordable, accessible, and effective rehabilitation to all regardless of where they live in the USA and the world

To deliver affordable, accessible, and effective (AAE) rehabilitation to all, regardless of where they live in the world. We engage in a socially responsible rehabilitation by focusing on the design and development of this holistic device that can be sent anywhere in a crate/box to support rehabilitation service delivery in low resource settings in the USA and worldwide, as well as enable access to rehabilitation of underserved persons with activity limitations and impairment due to aging, disease or trauma. While AAE forms the core of our innovation, Rehab-in-a-BOX reinforces community-based rehabilitation, social, engaging and fun therapy – all of which will augment the rehabilitation process tremendously.
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Roshan Rai
  • Suneet Sharma


Developing a vest that severe COPD patients wear to offload their work of breathing and alleviate their shortness of breath.


Severe COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), popularly called emphysema, is a smoking-related lung disease that causes 2 million Americans to suffer years of intolerable shortness of breath. RightAir’s AIR-AD, is a respiratory assist device that fits like a vest over the chest and offloads the work of breathing. With each breath in, the AIR-AD generates a vacuum that helps lift the chest and abdomen, drawing air in. With each breath out, the AIR-AD increases pressure over the chest and helps the patient breath out faster. By assisting the work of breathing, patients no longer feel short of breath and can once again engage in normal daily activities.

  • Kartik Bhamidipati
    Jake Brenner
    Perry Dubin
    Zaw Min Oo


Building low-cost, seamlessly implementable, and environmentally friendly green technologies


Root, is an outlet attachment that controls, monitors, and optimizes electricity usage. It uses a data driven approach with regards to the users Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals in order to make decisions about energy waste. For example, if a user leaves home and leaves appliances on, he gets notifications asking if they should be turned off.


  • Ahmad Attia
  • Lawrence Choi
  • Vincent Po
  • Michael Raevsky
  • Stratton Spirou
  • Jeff Wang
  • Don Yu

Spring 2016 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the 2016 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

Read the full press release here.


Technology for athletes that want actionable information on their physiological to optimize their training benefit and drive decisions about type and intensity of workout


Amsterdam Fluidics

Process to easily transport and deliver medicinal drugs to patients all across the world enables through a process that quickly and easily encapsulates and delivers drug



A sutureless magnetic device that allows for vessels (arteries, veins, etc.) to be put back together quickly, securely, and easily during cardiac and vascular surgery


Augmented Lab

Wearable augmented reality technology for management and execution of wet experimental protocol​



Technology that serves as a peer-to-peer learning platform that provides use- generated content to teach technology to elders thereby improving their quality of life


Cobi the Bot

Device that socially engages office workers in the same location or remotely. Its first version senses his environment and sends playful messages on Slack.




CPR Connect

Device that connects bystander CPR-certified individuals with at-risk victims for cardiac arrest to reduce emergency response times, and improve patient outcomes


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Technology that facilitates teams through a multi-faceted, matrix driven algorithm that pairs individuals based on needs, skills, start-up phase and personality traits


Microrobots for Drug Delivery

Robots functionalized to run microscale experiments including transporting and delivering drugs directly to cells and taking precise biological measurements



Technology that enables proprietary gold nanoparticles are taken into the tumor cells where they enhance radiotherapy and are then biodegraded and excreted from the body



Device that reduces counterfeit medication globally by using nano-markers providing peace of mind to patients and product protection to drug manufacturers


Shock Analytics

Our technology  helps diagnose and differentiate types of shock to improve diagnosis and initiation of appropriate therapy


Smart Stator (now IQnetics)

Device that is a high-performance motor driver to push motors past their present limits while increasing efficiency, lowering noise, reducing vibrations, heightening precision, and improving control



Technology that provides real time and reviewable metrics to athletes completing barbell based movements via equipment-based activity trackers



SonoSolve helps remove clogs and prevent biofilm formulation utilizing ultrasonification technology



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Cohort Resources

Resources for the spring 2016 cohort can be found here:


Summer 2015 Cohort

The Summer 2015 Penn I-Corps Site Cohort included:


A wearable device that enables patients to track their recovery from musculoskeletal injuries by monitoring the movement of their joints


  • Feini (Sylvia) Qu
  • Peter Gebhard

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Automated Anatomy Recognition (AAR): 

A solution to Quantitative Radiology by localizing and delineating of all major organs in multiple body regions using MRI, CT and PET/CT images for applications in radiation therapy planning, medical oncology and surgical planningPenn I-Corps Week 1 057

  • Jayaram Udupa
  • Yubing Tong
  • Joe Camaratta
  • Drew Torigian

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A virtual community for change makers to connect, collaborate and turn their ideas into actionPenn I-Corps Week 1 318


  • Nathan Bronstein
  • Robert Alterman
  • Laurie Actman

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Developing a technology to rapidly and objectively diagnose concussions for medical, athletic and personal usePenn I-Corps Week 1 359

  • Simone Temporal
  • Kriti Gaur
  • Jonathan Kiel

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aims to make eyelash extensions more ubiquitous by designing tools that allow lash stylists to quickly and safely give consumers thick, long and beautiful lashesPenn I-Corps Week 1 101

  • Erin Soletski
  • Anjali Bhatia

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LifeCycle improves patient outcomes while saving patients, municipalities and payers hundreds of millions of dollars. In non-emergency situations, LifeCycle reduces costly transports by leveraging the medical opinions of its on-scene paramedic and doctor connected via telemetry.


  • Jonathan Sockol
  • Sudipta Bandyopadhyay

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the easiest and most authentic way to travel to Latin America. Our platform, like AirBnb,helps travelers find unique adventuresmore-icorps-photos-021-300x200

  • Andrea Vidler
  • Eugena Brown

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LocalPulse PopUp Retail (now Coshare LLC)

transforms vacant retail spaces into vibrant Pop Up stores. LocalPulse’s technology platform facilitates a sharing-economy for vacant storefronts


  • Natalie Vane

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aims to provide mothers an improved breastfeeding and pumping experience by integrating technology in a nursing bra to accelerate milk expression and provide relief from mastitis & engorgement

more icorps photos 157

  • Nivedita Pandey
  • Ludivine O’Toole
  • Ondrej Nikel

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Paradigm Surgical, LLC

design and creates preventative mesh technologies and surgical devices for abdominal hernia

Penn I-Corps Week 1 312

  • John Fischer, MD
  • Jonathan Sanchez
  • Mark Levine

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Proton Imaging Detector

Develops a detector that more accurately determines the proton range for patients undergoing proton therapy treatment

Penn I-Corps Week 1 047

  • Peng Wang
  • Scott Ritter

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offers an effective, low-cost, and mineral-based antimicrobial additive for medical device, household appliances, and public transportation hot spots

Penn I-Corps Week 1 050

  • Li Bowen
  • Mengya Li
  • Terry Cathopoulis

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a mobile application that encourages honest communication among university students, and increases their awareness of the available on-campus resources

Penn I-Corps Week 1 053

  • Nancy Hanrahan
  • Akinyemi Bajulaiye
  • Adebayo Adejare

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SphereVis, LLC

Fabrication of super-resolution microscope slides, improving the imaging resolution of a microscope

Penn I-Corps Week 1 389

  • Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez
  • Arash Darafsheh
  • Gary D. Fletcher
  • Consuelo Guardiola-Salmeron

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developing innovative solutions to promote independent living and aging-in-place for older adults by helping to improve their financial security

more icorps photos 047

  • Nalaka Gooneratne
  • Akhil Chakravarti

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Tomas Isakowitz


Laurie Actman

laurie actman

Dora Mitchell


Michael Poisel

Michael P