Penn Center for Innovation

Annually, PCI honors faculty who received a patent in the previous fiscal year by presenting them with a personalized patent cube. We also present special awards highlighting inventors, patents, deals, startups, and partners.


Patent cube awarded to inventors

Winners of FY2017 Celebration of Innovation (held in Feb. 2018):

Deal of the Year Award:

  • Drew Weissman, M.D., Ph.D. – 2017 License Restructuring Between Penn and mRNA Ribotherapeutics and Sublicenses to BioNTech and Another Large Biotechnology Company

Startup of the Year Award:

Partner of the Year Award:

Biomedical Device of the Year Award:

  • Haim H. Bau, Ph.D. Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Reactor with Integrated Solid State Membrane (US 9,476,102)

Emerging Inventor of the Year Award:

Inventor of the Year Award:


Winners of FY2016 Celebration of Innovation (held in May. 2017):

Deal of the Year Award

Startup of the Year Award

Partner of the Year Award

Biomedical Device of the Year Award

Inventor of the Year Award