Penn Center for Innovation

Applications are now open for the PCI Fellows cohort starting in May 2021. We are looking for applicants in all areas, i.e., physical sciences and life sciences.


2021 Application Deadline: December 15, 2020



tomasWe are seeking highly-talented, scientifically-trained graduate students to assist in managing Penn’s invention portfolio.

Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Research Staff from all Penn Schools are encouraged to apply.

Individuals not actively affiliated with Penn do not qualify.

Support from advisor/supervisor to engage in the program may be required as described below.

Must be eligible to work on campus.



Selection for this program will be based on:

  • PENN affiliation
  • Academic performance
  • Scientific/technical background
  • Relevant experience in business or commercial environments preferred
  • Interest in technology transfer


Application Process

Applications are reviewed after the application deadline. Candidates deemed to be a potential fit for the program will be invited for an in-person interview, which candidates should treat in a manner similar to a formal job interview. At the interview, candidates will be expected to have researched how PCI works, what technology transfer is, and should have in mind questions to ask. Decisions will be given by email following completion of the interview process for all candidates.


2021 Application Deadline: December 15, 2020


Application Documents

The application process requires six documents. Because the application form can only be submitted once, you need to combine these six documents into one PDF file BEFORE proceeding to the online application. The PDF file should be named as follows:

<Last Name>_<First_name>_PCI_Fellow_Application.pdf

e.g., Smith_Jonathan__PCI_Fellow_Application.pdf

Each of the six documents below should start on a new page in the following order:

1 – Cover sheet
2 – Resume
3 – Technology evaluation write-up
4 – Statement of interest essay
5 – Consent forms
6 – Photo (see instructions below)

Remember to collect the all documents above in the prescribed order into one PDF file named:

<Last Name>_<First_name>_PCI_Fellow_Application.pdf