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Fall 2020 I-Corps Cohort

PCI held the Fall Penn I-Corps program virtually, with five sessions delivered over eight weeks. Of the twelve that participated, seven teams were in the Life Sciences area, and five in Physical Sciences. The innovation pursued a wide range of application areas, such as energy, mental health, women’s health,  bone healing, drug manufacturing, and accessibility for the visually impaired.

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A therapeutic to shorten the rate of bone fracture healing.


Unguided online self-help exercises for mental health treatments, based on empirically validated techniques.


A device that senses a severe opioid overdose and reverses the overdose with naloxone without the need for a bystander.


A haptic device that enables the visually impaired to fill out forms themselves in a confidential manner.

Heart Failure Monitoring Socks

Heart failure monitoring socks identify worsening edema and fatigue due to heart failure and alert the patient to worsening symptoms.

Infini Fluidics

A microfluidic platform to manufacture injectable drug particles on a large scale.

Metal Light

A metal-based battery that provides stable output with low-noise for home electrical backup systems.

Recovery Box

We aggregate heat and cold therapy equipment into one space to enable rapid and effective soldiers’ recovery while in training. In doing so, we reduce attrition in the military, which is a crucial concern.


A wearable device that uses heating and massage to alleviate period pain.

Spring 2020 I-Corps Cohort

The spring 2020 cohort had 9 teams: 5 teams were life-science related, led by faculty, doctoral students, and post-docs. The remaining four teams were led by MBA and undergraduate students and their ideas spanned various topic areas.  The course was co-taught by Tomás Isakowitz, Ph.D., manager of Penn I-Corps, and Elizabeth Mazahari, Managing Director at TEDCO Maryland Venture Fund.

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Anxiety Aid

Anxiety Aid is an app that reduces customers’ academic anxiety and increases their study time by allowing them to learn and practice anxiety management skills, coaching them to transform anxiety into effective action, and tracking their anxiety and procrastination levels.


Dyslequity is a gamified pre-k through second-grade literacy screener that helps to identify students at risk of having difficulties with reading and writing.

Those experiencing homelessness often lack identification, but most government aid, job, and housing applications require an ID. The app stores ID copies online for access at libraries and by homeless service agencies. Once a homeless individual receives a new ID, it is uploaded to the app and copies can be printed, used in government aid forms, and sent to agencies who need the IDs are part of their processes.

MAR Designs

MAR Designs is developing a novel orthosis for pediatric cerebral palsy which is comfortable and easy to use, improving compliance and outcomes. The orthosis slowly and gradually moves the affected joint to the desired position with an actuator that applies the desired stretch. This is especially important in pediatric care as it enables stretching while the patient sleeps. For more about MAR Designs.

MXtrode Bioelectronics

Our technology is a low-cost EEG electrode that records high-quality EEG signals without requiring the use of conductive gels. This enables simpler and faster EEG set-up and also provides more stable long-term signals.


In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a highly sensitive process that requires careful control of the environment for best outcomes. Control of oxygen has been shown to improve the effectiveness of the procedure by 15%. We provide a safe all-in-one solution for the control and real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration during the critical stages of the IVF cycle.


SHOWCASE is a vending machine network that serves as a platform for brands to exchange products for insights from users. We reinvent the use of vending machines as automated retail, and leverage the physical footprint they offer to reach a previously unreachable consumer.


Skriva is an affordable web application that helps international students who are looking to enter STEM careers and university programs easily understand technical words. Unlike traditional tutors or generic grammar editing tools, our user-friendly interface speeds up understanding and application of technical word use and context by ~50%, and the subscription is a financially accessible at just $25 a month.



Uroflowmetry (the measurement of urinary flow rates) is the most common tool to evaluate lower urinary tract function. Current methods are time-consuming, use paper records, and are limited to the office. We offer a new system that can be used on any toilet in the office or home and will transmit the data wirelessly into the electronic medical record.

Fall 2019 Cohort

Fall 2019 I-Corps Cohort



Alternative Audio

Alternative Audio Team Photo

Alternative Audio is a music technology company that is producing a music synthesizer that will allow producers on the go to produce music on the go.

Our product will give users this flexibility by using emerging technologies to not only give portability, but also affordability, as our customer of interest are bedroom producers.


Atlas Team Photo

Atlas is a digitally-native vertical brand of insoles that targets modern consumers by focusing on support and sustainability. We represent a shift from current players that focus on medical problems and do not relate to modern consumers, such as Dr. Scholls.



We generate and bank stem cells for our clients. These cells promise to treat conditions like stroke, spinal cord injury, burns, degenerative disorders, and even cosmetic needs. This empowers our clients and gives them peace of mind that they are doing everything possible to meet their current and future health care needs.


inventXYZ Team Photo

inventXYZ design makerspaces w/ laser cutters, soldering stations, AR/VR stations, filmmaking and music stations, etc for high schools and districts. Our specific design template is called inventorspace.

We design inventcurriculum for schools to use these spaces effectively. Students learn school concepts (ex history) while building tech projects (IoT filmmaking lights, VR simulation of proteins).

OPEN Laboratories

OPEN Labs team photo

OPEN allows patients to live without the ongoing burden of irritating allergies. Allergic rhinitis stands as the 3rd leading chronic disease among Americans under age 45, but only 5% of patients follow through with prescribed immunotherapy.

OPEN offers a personalized, at-home immunotherapy program using oral drops. Our approach maximizes doctors’ impact while providing top-quality allergy care that is more convenient, less expensive, and ideally safer than other options.

Osiris AI

Osiris AI Team Photo

Osiris AI is a 24/7, AI-based, unbiased shoplifting detection solution that integrates into existing CCTV systems within minutes and watches constantly for suspicious behavior by examining movement and gaze and disregarding all demographic information to avoid bias and respect privacy. If suspicious behavior is detected, Osiris immediately notifies loss prevention to intervene and apprehend the individual.


PatientPower team photo

PatientPower matches doctors wanting patients with patients wanting doctors. We allow patients to search for, book, and pay for appointments hassle-free, without having to worry about bills coming later in the mail. Patients know the price in advance. Doctors receive upfront payment and avoid the hassle of collections after they’ve already delivered their services, and access a broader population of patients.


ReCurb Team Photo

ReCurb is an app that educates consumers to recycle effectively their plastic containers by connecting them to the right recycling company using inverse logistics.


Simplantium Team Photo

Simplantium offers a novel solution to tackle the issue of thrombosis in artificial aortic heart valve implants and thus reduce the chance of implant failures. The technology opens up the market for the next generation implants with higher durability and extended lifetimes thus disrupting the current state of the art.



After gathering information about your purchases through optical character recognition of the receipt, StaleMates sends reminders through existing platforms (no new application required) to home chefs on the expiration of their products (in particular grocery) and also provides suggestions on potential food recipes to be made (often specific to the person’s interests)



Swiing is an app to find new songs based on indicated mood/genre preferences and use these songs to expand existing playlists or create entirely new ones.


UltraLite Team Photo

Our device is a recording stethoscope that sends real-time audio data via bluetooth to a computer where an algorithm using both artificial intelligence and frequency information classifies lung complications.

Spring 2019 Cohort

BioAlert Technologies


Continuous Infection Monitoring (CIM) Technology

With 24/7 monitoring for infection, doctors can accelerate antibiotic administration and act before infections proliferate.



Smart Band-Aid for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Our proprietary electrically stimulated patch helps treat diabetic foot ulcers by accelerating wound healing, and thereby preventing potential serious complications, such as infections that can lead to amputations.



Catheters for targeted CNS gene therapy

By accessing the CSF from a lumbar puncture and navigating a catheter to the cisterna magna, physicians can deliver targeted gene therapy using a safe and effective procedure


Post-Septic State Identification

Our proprietary chip makes it possible to precisely identify post-septic immune states. We use modern diagnostic technology to identify key biomarkers present in post-septic immunosuppression.

Mira Insight

Influence with Intelligence

Mira’ software platform helps PR teams better manage their relationships. Our tools help public relations professionals 1) create a living body of proprietary influencer relationship knowledge that grows with them, 2) use the latest advances in machine learning and natural language processing to better target influencers.


A Social Application for Dog Owners

Pawsitive is a social application that helps all owners understand their pet’s personalities and connect with other owners about their anxieties and questions.


Privately share audio, wherever and whenever

Piconect helps college-aged millennials who want to share music with their friends while avoiding public embarrassment and enabling greater private access to music sharing in public settings.

Smart Child Seat

Keep your child safe, every, single, ride

Our app assists parent/caregivers in ensuring that their child seat is installed correctly in their car. It also provides a modality to connect with the CPS technician community for information and product suggestions.


Data-Based Oracle for Restaurant Chefs

Our software helps restaurant chefs to modify their menus to increase customer satisfaction by providing thorough data-based analytics on consumer behavior augmented with consumer reviews.


Facial Recognition Advertising

Our targeted physical advertising platform helps marketing managers who want to show relevant ads by reducing customer search time and increasing ad relevance, unlike traditional marketing methods which advertise products towards a general population

Fall 2018 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the Fall 2018 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

Avior Analytics

Avior improves the quality of physical therapy through increasing patient engagement. Avior’s mobile application provides patients with a roadmap of care, meaningful goals, progress tracking, education, communal support, and more to increase transparency between patient and therapist. Avior improves both patient adherence and outcomes allowing for increased clinical revenues.


A tablet-based self-ordering solution where customers can place orders, earn points, and pay, increasing store’s revenues and improving customer experience. We provide both the hardware and software to our clients, and include modules for data analytics and a loyalty program to further foster revenue and empower our clients to effectively manage their business.

mHealth Engage

mHealth Engage provides mobile health researchers with a centralized repository of eligible clinical research participants who are actively seeking out opportunities to participate in research.

OncopHore Nanotechnologies

OncopHore Nanotechnologies provides a pH-sensitive nanoparticle for chemotherapeutics. Once administered, our nanoparticle remains intact until it reaches the slightly acidic microenvironment surrounding the tumor. The slight acidic pH causes the nanoparticle to dissolve and release the drug cargo, allowing for reduced toxicity and improved drug delivery.


PillBot solves medical nonadherence for addictive medication with its afforable (~$10) smart pillbox and its data plataform connecting pharmacies, doctors, and patients. Pillbot restrictively dispenses medication according to prescribed dosage and sends adherence data to our data platform. The data platform performs predictive data analytics on patient adherence data thereby reducing medication costs and improving outcomes.

Primary cells

We provide primary brain cell models for neurobiology research. Our cells products significantly reduce the time and cost of making cell models that provide highly relevant data on living brain cells thereby cirumventing in many cases the need to run animal studies.


Share’s multiple platform app automates sharing contact information face-to-face, which is otherwise awkward, slow, and error-prone.


Trefo uses teams of robots powered by AI algorithms to perform automated timber cruises that estimate volume and value of timberland. By aiming to count every tree, we vastly improve to our customers intel on timber assets. Trefo is significnatly quicker and accurate than currently available solutions.


There is accelerating demand for novel immunotherapies to treat tumors, arthritis, and other conditions in companion animals. Vetigenics engineers targeted canine-derived antibody fragments for diagnostic and therapeutic use. Our rapid selection of highly-efficacious canine-derived antibody fragments vastly accelerates the path to commercialization of monoclonals, BiTEs, CAR-T cells, and other innovative immuotherapies.

Viora Health

Viora Health helps diabetes prevention programs maintain compliance with insurance requirements and get paid by helping their patients stay on the program. Our platform connects patients to programs, tracks data, engages patients through online tools and reports progress to DPP programs for outcome based reimbursement.


xRad is a cloud-based medical imaging diagnostic platform that aims to empower physicians of developing nations in providing an online access to patient data and communication. Through a centralized, modular platform that integrates to specific PACS systems, xRad allows business to business communication between hospitals as well.

Spring 2018 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the Spring 2018 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

Cellview Sciences


Chromosense is a minimally invasive procedure to determine whether an embryo has the correct number of chromosomes. We use carbon nanopipette technology, which can pierce and manipulate single cells without inflicting damage, to inject molecular beacons into the nuclei of developing embryo cells.

Columbus Photovoltaics

Our solar technology utilizes wide band gap semiconductors to capture more of the sun’s energy, including visible light. Our ultra thin cell is optimized as a topping layer to conventional silicon solar cells, taking advantage of manufacturing economies of scale. Combined cell efficiency with our layer is 75% performance improvement over silicon cells alone.


EnvoyatHome has developed a system which uses non-invasive (passive) activity monitoring. Alerts can be set up for both normal movement patterns and exceptions/deviations to patters.


We developed an occupancy sensor that snaps onto toggle light switches, providing instant automation and energy savings without the need to rewire or replace the light switch itself.


Perform rapid DNA testing in batch using nanopores technology developped at Penn.

NanoXCell Therapeutics

Applying carbon nano pipetes in a completely novel manner to transfect cells to treat Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a group of rare genetic skin conditions, which is characterized by extremely fragile skin and recurrent blister formation, resulting from minor mechanical friction or trauma.

PDAC diagnostics

There is currently no diagnostic for pre-symptomatic Pancreatic cancer; by the time symptoms are present the disease is generally fatal. We are developping a diagnostic based on biomarkers identified by the Zaret lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

Quantitative Radiology Solutions (QRS)

Automatic Anatomy Recognition (AAR) is a body-wide and generalizable image segmentation and analytics methodology that can be used to automatically quantify organs and diseased tissues in MRI, CT & PET-CT scans. The technology can be deployed to help physicians plan treatment and assess response for patients with cancer and neurological disorders.

Strella Biotechnology

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost annually due to fresh apple spoilage in the packing and distribution phase. Our biosensors measure ethylene gas, which reliably and efficiently measure fruit maturation using mechanisms of the fruits themselves.

Vital Start

Developing an enhanced care management/coordination Health IT tool called SwaddleTool to support treatment babies & mothers recovering from opioid addiction.

Fall 2017 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the Fall 2017 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

3D Optics

3DOptics for web

Researchers and biologists who need to visualize the entire structure of a biological specimen will use our add-on imaging device along with our tissue clearing system to overcome imaging limitations and to simplify and expedite workflow unlike the existing prohibitively expensive equipment.

Basin Logix

Basin Logix for Web

Water Agency Managers who need to achieve sustainability and comply with new regulations will use our water exchange to reduce regulatory burden and to streamline the transfer of water unlike legacy water transfer operations.


BCC for web

Lung transplant teams who need to transplant lungs will use our Biomimetic Chest Cavity to limit damage to lungs ex-vivo and therefore increase the pool of available organs unlike traditional cold buffer storage and EVLP.

Bone on a Chip

Bone on a Chip for web

Research Investigators who need to test the efficacy of their bone-related drugs will use our bone-on-a-chip to reduce time, money, and effort in large animal models/clinical trials and to produce translatable data unlike small animal models.


DentaCheck for web

General dentists who need assistance in diagnosing x-rays will use our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant dental software to minimize the x-ray diagnosis error rate and to augment their expertise, unlike the slow process of getting a second dental treatment opinion.


Eager for web

Software platform to assist teachers and school administrators to support struggling students by assessing student risk dynamically, communicating student progress to stakeholders, and implementing school-wide behavioral rewards system.

Jetlag Goggle

Jetlag Goggle for web

Jet lag and social jet lag suffers, who need to improve their sleep, will use our Jet Lag Goggle providing dynamic lights to realign the circadian and to improve their sleep, unlike sleeping pills.


Naanoscope for Web

Mental healthcare providers who need to diagnose, monitor and document treatment progress for patients with depression will use Naanoscope, which is a package that monitors behavioral and physiological measures to improve prognosis and improves documentation by reducing subjectivity.


Neonur is a neurocognitive assessment tool, utilizing the late gestational developmental pattern of coordination of suck swallow and breath, to aid in the monitoring of the readiness to orally feed, and neural development.  Neonur provides appropriate oral feeding guidance to NICU staff and feeding specialists for both infant and mother resulting in improved care preventing readmissions, decreased anxiety, and the potential for earlier discharge from the hospital, and the researcher a tool to better understand neurocognitive delays.



NurseMatch for web

Charge nurses who develop nurse-patient assignments will use our software to reduce the time, stress, and complexity of current methods, and make assignments more data-driven and efficiently unlike current manual approaches.


ReNeuron for web

Neurologists and Neurosurgeons specializing in Parkinson’s disease who need to treat their patients will use our bio-engineered neural pathway to slow the progression of the disease and to restore motor function unlike current available treatments such as DBS and other medical interventions.


Zmartar for web

Health departments who need real-time water quality reports will use our digital early warning system to eliminate exposure to water-borne pathogens and to increase rapid and accurate diagnoses unlike day-long lab methods.


Special Thanks to our Instructors for the Fall 2017 course

instructors(L to R) Laurie Actman (PCI), Tomas Isakowitz (PCI), Elizabeth Good Mazhari (Transition Health Ventures), Dan Kunitz (GWU)


Spring 2017 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the Spring 2017 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.



The primary objective of this application is to perform proof-of-concept study for a novel, molecular-targeted radiotherapy for patients with metastatic melanoma. The proposed study will perform per-clinical characterization of a novel radio-iodinated form of L-DOPA.  Based on perviously conducted preliminary studies, we expected to selectively delivery radio-iodinated L-DOPA directly to the tumor, thus providing improved anti-tumor activity in primary and metastatic melanoma lesions.




Web-Team_AntannaThe Respi-Bed is an innovation that updates and consolidates existing technology already available with the ability to be used on every hospital bed. The design allows us to incorporate multiple monitoring and support systems onto a hospital bed, simply using the space currently taken up by the headboard



low cost, modular, scalable, compact, and light weight and intravenous infusion device with a full color, intuitive and easy to program wireless touch interface with an integrated camera scanner to scan bar code and QR codes with an additional and monitoring capabilities to support auto programming.

Blood Substitute

web-Team_Blood_substituteOur technology is an artificial protein that can bind and release oxygen under physiological conditions. It holds promise as a blood substitute for trauma patients when blood is not available for transfusion. Since the protein is simple, stable and well understood, its properties can be modified to increase efficacy and reduce toxicity. This type of redesign is often not possible in natural proteins. Additionally, our protein can be quickly and cheaply produced in quantity from bacteria.

Bone Boys

web-team_bone_boysOur product is the “bone-on-a-chip,” which is a small, patients-specific device that emulates bone microarchitecture and function in vitro. It will contain a porous bone structure with real bone that is generated from high-resolution MRI images (MRI to 3D rendering to 3D printing). Thus, the device will allow the user to perform pre-clinical trials of drugs, providing a non-invasive alternative to methods such as animal testing.


web-Team_OstiioCurrent distractor systems used for expanding bones in the face/skull have an external component that protrudes through the skin to allow for activation of the device with a screwdriver; this is both a source of infection and social isolation. Our technology eliminates this problematic component, with activation instead being achieved wirelessly, through a magnetic mechanism. Importantly, this technology allows for a novel device that is fully buried under tissue.


Web-Team-doctigoDoctigo is a mobile recruitment app for moonlighting doctors, improving the way hospitals fill vacant shifts. Doctors build a profile, browse shifts and pick up extra work with less hassle. Doctigo unlocks maximal utility from the internal hospital workforce and reduces the need for expensive temporary staff via recruitment agencies. Doctigo is a finalist in AppItUP 2017, with a prototype app nearing completion.


web-Team_FloureerFor micro-entrerpreneurs and super individuals who want to make an impact by doing what they love, Floureer is a user-centered professional social platform that empowers users with democratized coaching and emotion-triggered profiles that attract resources and opportunities. Unlike other job marketplaces, Floureer empowers users to create a flourishing career rather than just “finding jobs or people.” In addition, Floureer provides all-free resources for laid-off population as its social impact.


web-Team_KidsSmileParents Input children’s voice using speech recognition system and Google API, and checklist of children’s behaviors. Then, the algorithms behind the app refers online pre-installed database children’s development research and assessment (for example, Child Behavior Checklist critique, Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy and Kids Integrated Data System by GSE). We also aim to collaborate with Dr. Michelle Johnson PM&R who invented Smart Toy Gym to expand the data collection and accuracy.

NanoSink Technologies

web-Team_NanoSinkNanoSink utilizes metal sheets (developed by the Singh Center) with macroscopic surface area and nanoscale thickness as a replacement for common heatsink components, such as vertical fins. Using photolithography and atomic layer deposition (ALD), we can create a corrugated pattern which gives the plates structural integrity where otherwise they would be as flimsy as cellophane. Our models show order of magnitude improvement in heat removal while being smaller and requiring less powerful fans.



VisiPlate is a nanoscale drainage implant for open angle glaucoma patients. It consists of an ultrathin alumina plate attached to a small silicone drainage tube and is surgically implanted in the eye. The ultrathin (25-100 nm) plates have a honeycomb corrugation that provides rigidity, allowing for easy manipulation by hand and exceptional strength. By draining fluid from the eye to a space above the plate, VisiPlate lowers intraocular pressure and prevents blindness. Y-Prize 2017 winner (

Fall 2016 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the Fall 2016 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.



Air-gun based technology to research traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the cellular level

The device is composed of a patented air-gun based technology that can vary pressure frequencies to study a wide range of cellular injury and response, and an imaging component that allows for real-time observation. Initially intended as a research tool to study cellular injury due to traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Cellecture, LLC


Fully automated and closed system for T-cells for adoptive cell therapy.

Fully automated and closed system for manufacturing genetically-modified T cells for adoptive cell therapy.



Kayak for online groceries, a price comparison tool

DURCHBLICK is a price comparison tool for online groceries, that allows users to save up to 30% on every purchase by comparing the price of their individual, full basket across all online grocery retailers. Through our ‘shopping list tool’ we further enable users to do their weekly shopping in less than 15 minutes.



Connecting schools with where they want to go

An integrated education platform that connects organizations with wellness solutions and passionate practitioners.



Modular low cost multifunctional tool for cataract surgery.

Flexible Meniscal Biter


Safe and effective meniscus tear treatment

Current instruments and techniques often cannot treat meniscus tears optimally.  We are developing methods and devices that will make meniscus tear treatment safer and more effective.  These innovations are protectable intellectual property.  Ultimately, we plan to manufacturer or license this technology.



Stay connected to the people that matter most.

inTouch is a mobile application that keeps non-sales professionals connected to the people that matter most. It is a works by streamlining their personal and professional contacts across different social mediums (ie. texts, emails, FB, Linkedin), intelligently reminding them to keep in touch, and allowing them to reach out with just a few clicks (using pre-made drafts and calendar integration).



Deliver drugs when needed using mechanical signals

A mechanically-activated drug delivery platform to deliver therapeutics in response to physical activity to augment repair of orthopaedic tissues using novel microcapsule technology.

Merge Technologies


Bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds

Merge utilizes novel 3D mapping and virtual reality technologies to allow consumers to visualize and manipulate real objects in the virtual world.



Biometric data to improve the assessment and treatment of mental health illnesses

NeuroFlow’s software platform quantifies stress using electroencephalogram (EEG) data, allowing physicians to measure a patient’s mental health over time and in response to various treatments. This software is used in combination with plug-and-play wireless EEG headsets that allow for minimal interruption of doctors’ and therapists’ current workflow and time constraints.


Smart robotic pet companion to reduce social isolation among the elderly population

Reproducibility as a Service


We help increase trust in data science by autiomatically reproducing and logging analyses.

Ninety percent of scientists acknowledge a reproducibility crisis, they cannot replicate previously published works. Computational research and Data Science in particular should be reproducible because these analyses can be scripted. RaaS is a cloud based assistant that follows data scientists, replicating and logging everything they do. This ensures others can trust and replicate computational workflows.



Dignified rapid-drying composting toilets for high density settlements

revoLOOtion aims to solve the sanitation crisis starting with ⅔ of the world who doesn’t have access to private toilets. We provide dignified, delightful-to-use, odorless, rapid-drying composting toilets to urban families in high density informal settlements who have had to rely on unhygienic shared toilets or no toilets at all (read: open defecation).



At-home blood count testing for chemotherapy patients

Sanguis is a blood cell count monitoring device that patients can use at home to track their health.

Summer 2016 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the 2016 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

icorps 056

Breaux Capital

The first fintech startup empowering Black male millennial to pool and invest their money while building their community – together.


Sitting at the intersection of fintech, financial education, and a lifestyle membership club; Breaux Capital is the first financial services startup for Black Male Millennials. Inspired by organizations that empower women to build wealth & culture, Breaux Capital empowers Black millennials, with a focus on Black males, to leverage the power of pooling capital resources for wealth creation. We provide a platform for members to: gain investment and entrepreneurial knowledge, equitably invest their money, network, and serve their community as a cohesive group via our products BreauxEDU and BreauxBOX as well as our membership club the Breaux100.

breau logo

  • Martin Ihrig
  • Brian Williams
  • Derrius Quarles
  • Rachel Pacheco



Easing mealtime disruptions, the must-have mealtime app
icorps 001
MeMix is a mealtime solution based on research and accepted behavior change strategies and tailored to the unique needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  MeMix is an app that promotes nutrition-based education, positive behavioral reinforcement and social support.  Incorporating gamification, MeMix helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder adopt healthy eating behaviors through an interactive platform engaging both parents and children. MeMix provides the framework to ease mealtime frustrations for parents and promotes healthy eating in children
 memix_logo_final Color
  • Sherry Spinnraker
  • Terence Tung
    Iryna Shakhmantsir


Novel robotic technology delivers affordable, accessible, and effective rehabilitation to all regardless of where they live in the USA and the world

To deliver affordable, accessible, and effective (AAE) rehabilitation to all, regardless of where they live in the world. We engage in a socially responsible rehabilitation by focusing on the design and development of this holistic device that can be sent anywhere in a crate/box to support rehabilitation service delivery in low resource settings in the USA and worldwide, as well as enable access to rehabilitation of underserved persons with activity limitations and impairment due to aging, disease or trauma. While AAE forms the core of our innovation, Rehab-in-a-BOX reinforces community-based rehabilitation, social, engaging and fun therapy – all of which will augment the rehabilitation process tremendously.
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Roshan Rai
  • Suneet Sharma


Developing a vest that severe COPD patients wear to offload their work of breathing and alleviate their shortness of breath.


Severe COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), popularly called emphysema, is a smoking-related lung disease that causes 2 million Americans to suffer years of intolerable shortness of breath. RightAir’s AIR-AD, is a respiratory assist device that fits like a vest over the chest and offloads the work of breathing. With each breath in, the AIR-AD generates a vacuum that helps lift the chest and abdomen, drawing air in. With each breath out, the AIR-AD increases pressure over the chest and helps the patient breath out faster. By assisting the work of breathing, patients no longer feel short of breath and can once again engage in normal daily activities.

  • Kartik Bhamidipati
    Jake Brenner
    Perry Dubin
    Zaw Min Oo


Building low-cost, seamlessly implementable, and environmentally friendly green technologies


Root, is an outlet attachment that controls, monitors, and optimizes electricity usage. It uses a data driven approach with regards to the users Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals in order to make decisions about energy waste. For example, if a user leaves home and leaves appliances on, he gets notifications asking if they should be turned off.


  • Ahmad Attia
  • Lawrence Choi
  • Vincent Po
  • Michael Raevsky
  • Stratton Spirou
  • Jeff Wang
  • Don Yu

Spring 2016 Cohort

PCI is proud to announce the 2016 Cohort for the Penn I-Corps Accelerator Program.

Read the full press release here.


Technology for athletes that want actionable information on their physiological to optimize their training benefit and drive decisions about type and intensity of workout


Amsterdam Fluidics

Process to easily transport and deliver medicinal drugs to patients all across the world enables through a process that quickly and easily encapsulates and delivers drug



A sutureless magnetic device that allows for vessels (arteries, veins, etc.) to be put back together quickly, securely, and easily during cardiac and vascular surgery


Augmented Lab

Wearable augmented reality technology for management and execution of wet experimental protocol​



Technology that serves as a peer-to-peer learning platform that provides use- generated content to teach technology to elders thereby improving their quality of life


Cobi the Bot

Device that socially engages office workers in the same location or remotely. Its first version senses his environment and sends playful messages on Slack.




CPR Connect

Device that connects bystander CPR-certified individuals with at-risk victims for cardiac arrest to reduce emergency response times, and improve patient outcomes


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Technology that facilitates teams through a multi-faceted, matrix driven algorithm that pairs individuals based on needs, skills, start-up phase and personality traits


Microrobots for Drug Delivery

Robots functionalized to run microscale experiments including transporting and delivering drugs directly to cells and taking precise biological measurements



Technology that enables proprietary gold nanoparticles are taken into the tumor cells where they enhance radiotherapy and are then biodegraded and excreted from the body



Device that reduces counterfeit medication globally by using nano-markers providing peace of mind to patients and product protection to drug manufacturers


Shock Analytics

Our technology  helps diagnose and differentiate types of shock to improve diagnosis and initiation of appropriate therapy


Smart Stator (now IQnetics)

Device that is a high-performance motor driver to push motors past their present limits while increasing efficiency, lowering noise, reducing vibrations, heightening precision, and improving control



Technology that provides real time and reviewable metrics to athletes completing barbell based movements via equipment-based activity trackers



SonoSolve helps remove clogs and prevent biofilm formulation utilizing ultrasonification technology



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Cohort Resources

Resources can be found here:


Summer 2015 Cohort

The Summer 2015 Penn I-Corps Site Cohort included:


A wearable device that enables patients to track their recovery from musculoskeletal injuries by monitoring the movement of their joints


  • Feini (Sylvia) Qu
  • Peter Gebhard

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Automated Anatomy Recognition (AAR): 

A solution to Quantitative Radiology by localizing and delineating of all major organs in multiple body regions using MRI, CT and PET/CT images for applications in radiation therapy planning, medical oncology and surgical planningPenn I-Corps Week 1 057

  • Jayaram Udupa
  • Yubing Tong
  • Joe Camaratta
  • Drew Torigian

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A virtual community for change makers to connect, collaborate and turn their ideas into actionPenn I-Corps Week 1 318


  • Nathan Bronstein
  • Robert Alterman
  • Laurie Actman

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Developing a technology to rapidly and objectively diagnose concussions for medical, athletic and personal usePenn I-Corps Week 1 359

  • Simone Temporal
  • Kriti Gaur
  • Jonathan Kiel

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aims to make eyelash extensions more ubiquitous by designing tools that allow lash stylists to quickly and safely give consumers thick, long and beautiful lashesPenn I-Corps Week 1 101

  • Erin Soletski
  • Anjali Bhatia

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LifeCycle improves patient outcomes while saving patients, municipalities and payers hundreds of millions of dollars. In non-emergency situations, LifeCycle reduces costly transports by leveraging the medical opinions of its on-scene paramedic and doctor connected via telemetry.


  • Jonathan Sockol
  • Sudipta Bandyopadhyay

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the easiest and most authentic way to travel to Latin America. Our platform, like AirBnb,helps travelers find unique adventuresmore-icorps-photos-021-300x200

  • Andrea Vidler
  • Eugena Brown

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LocalPulse PopUp Retail (now Coshare LLC)

transforms vacant retail spaces into vibrant Pop Up stores. LocalPulse’s technology platform facilitates a sharing-economy for vacant storefronts


  • Natalie Vane

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aims to provide mothers an improved breastfeeding and pumping experience by integrating technology in a nursing bra to accelerate milk expression and provide relief from mastitis & engorgement

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  • Nivedita Pandey
  • Ludivine O’Toole
  • Ondrej Nikel

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Paradigm Surgical, LLC

design and creates preventative mesh technologies and surgical devices for abdominal hernia

Penn I-Corps Week 1 312

  • John Fischer, MD
  • Jonathan Sanchez
  • Mark Levine

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Proton Imaging Detector

Develops a detector that more accurately determines the proton range for patients undergoing proton therapy treatment

Penn I-Corps Week 1 047

  • Peng Wang
  • Scott Ritter

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offers an effective, low-cost, and mineral-based antimicrobial additive for medical device, household appliances, and public transportation hot spots

Penn I-Corps Week 1 050

  • Li Bowen
  • Mengya Li
  • Terry Cathopoulis

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a mobile application that encourages honest communication among university students, and increases their awareness of the available on-campus resources

Penn I-Corps Week 1 053

  • Nancy Hanrahan
  • Akinyemi Bajulaiye
  • Adebayo Adejare

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SphereVis, LLC

Fabrication of super-resolution microscope slides, improving the imaging resolution of a microscope

Penn I-Corps Week 1 389

  • Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez
  • Arash Darafsheh
  • Gary D. Fletcher
  • Consuelo Guardiola-Salmeron

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developing innovative solutions to promote independent living and aging-in-place for older adults by helping to improve their financial security

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  • Nalaka Gooneratne
  • Akhil Chakravarti

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Tomas Isakowitz


Laurie Actman

laurie actman

Michael Poisel

Michael P