I-Corps Blog: TogetherCare

Posted on July 17, 2015 — pennadmin

Week 1 Team TogetherCare is committed to providing an improved method for geriatric financial management by protecting against elder financial abuse. Our team currently has three members: Dr. Nalaka Gooneratne (Academic Lead), Akhil Chakravarti (Entrepreneurial Lead), and Shawn Srolovitz. Currently, elder financial fraud accounts for over $1.5 billion in annual losses, with more than half of…

I-Corps Blog: SphereVis, LLC

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Week 1 SphereVis LLC is developing a simple, generic, optical super-resolution method of imaging biological and photonic structures that can overcome the spatial resolution limitations of microscopes. The technology SphereVis is developing can provide two- to three-fold enhanced spatial resolution capabilities. The imaging resolution of a standard optical microscope is limited to ~250 nm.  Improved…

I-Corps Blog: Sharenonymous

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Week 1 Our team has set out to tackle the pervading issue of mental health on college campuses. Most of us our familiar with the increased number of suicides across the board at universities, and the list of stressors that make the four-year journey through the early years of young adulthood as challenging as ever….

I-Corps Blog: QTEK

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Week 1 QTEKTM¬ LLC provides an effective means of bestowing industrial plastics with long-lasting antimicrobial properties. QTEK is dedicated to creating a safer future by partnering with health and hygiene industry leaders to create a new landscape of product options focused on reducing infection transmission on common touch surfaces. The I-Corps team consists of Mengya…

I-Corps Blog: Paradigm Surgical

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Week 1 Incisional hernia is a significant and costly problem that affects over a quarter of a million people annually. The current state of the art to repair hernia involves suturing a piece of prophylactic mesh over the incision. This process is too time-consuming, too variable, and most importantly, it is ineffective, as 1 in…

I-Corps Blog: Maternité

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Week 1 Motherhood is one of the most joyous and special occasions of a woman’s life. Momcares’ vision is to make the whole experience more convenient and comfortable for the mother, through its products. Our first product will be a bra for nursing mothers that will make the pumping process easier, by using warming and/…

I-Corps Blog: LocalPulse PopUp Retail

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Week 1 LocalPulse Retail aims to turn vacant storefronts in urban communities into vibrant pop up stores featuring e-commerce brands. We are currently looking to partner with property owners in Center City and e-commerce businesses to accomplish this. If successful, the pop up would help provide both property and business owners with an otherwise absent…

I-Corps Blog: LocalAventura

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Blog Post 1 — Building our Pilot Program A vital point in building LocalAventura was the decision to launch a pilot program. We hoped to use this pilot to both build customer credibility and a loyal customer base, as well as to learn more about what type of client our business appeals to and how…

I-Corps Blog: LifeCycle

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Week 1 For each minute that elapses after you experience cardiac arrest, your chance of survival decreases by 7-10%. This is a life-threatening problem since it takes on average 11 minutes for an ambulance to reach you in most major US cities. LifeCycle delivers life-saving care through a mobile fleet of ambulance motorcycles (“ambucycles”) that…

I-Corps Blog: LashBee

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Week 1 LashBee aims to make thick, long and beautiful lashes more ubiquitous by designing tools that allow lash stylists to quickly and safely apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions to consumers.  Currently, eyelash extensions are prohibitively expensive for consumers since the process is time-consuming and highly specialized.  However, those who do get the treatment, such as…