B. PHL returns for 2021

Posted on April 6, 2021 — Jessica Jones Gupta

B. PHL Fest 2021, will focus on unity and collaboration, awakening the innovative spirit in all of us and encouraging attendees and participants to learn, listen, connect and discover new ways to think, re-think, create, and activate change. A knowledge laboratory of sorts, the 3-day series of events, workshops, concerts, and interactive experiences provides opportunities…

University City Science Center selects 8 life sciences startups for accelerator cohort

Posted on — Jessica Jones Gupta

University City Science Center selected eight new life sciences startups to join its Launch Lane accelerator, including Neuralert, a Penn spinout and PCI Ventures startup. Neuralert is building wearables that can detect symptoms of a potential stroke and alert hospital staff. Read more in the Philadelphia Business Journal (There may be a paywall)

NextUp: The Philly startup using biosensors to combat food waste and improve supply chains

Posted on — Jessica Jones Gupta

Strella Biotechnology monitors an increase in ethylene production in fruit, signaling when produce needs to get to consumers before spoiling.  Strella is the newest tenant of the Pennovation Labs, and is the former winner of the President’s Innovation Prize and I-Corps cohort member. Read More in Philadelphia Magazine.

Even without a brain, metal-eating robots can search for food

Posted on April 2, 2021 — Jessica Jones Gupta

James Pikul, assistant professor in Penn Engineering’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, has developed a environmentally controlled voltage source, or ECVS. It works like a battery, in that the energy is produced by repeatedly breaking and forming chemical bonds, but it escapes the weight paradox by finding those chemical bonds in the robot’s…

A unique talent pool is propelling Philly to become a top biotech cluster

Posted on April 1, 2021 — Jessica Jones Gupta

“As some are now calling it, the greater Philadelphia region, or ‘Cellicon Valley’ is garnering a lot of attention these days as a rapidly emerging Biopharma cluster, earning a defining spot among the top 10 clusters in the US. The nickname comes from the city’s storied history in the field, eventually achieving the first FDA-approved…

New campus buildings to house centers for innovation and collaboration

Posted on — Jessica Jones Gupta

Several new facilities, including Tangen Hall and the Academic Research Building, have finished construction and the University is eyeing opening dates. Penn Today provides an overview.