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I-Corps Week 3: Ideation Session

Posted on July 7, 2015 — pennadmin

Guest Post By Tomás Isakowitz

We reviewed the format for the Work Plan the teams will submit next week. The purpose is to delineate what the teams will work on during the next 8 weeks in the program and how they plan to allocate the up to $2,500 they can request. This work plan is a modest version of the Final Report, which can in turn form the basis of a pitch to a funder or partner, or of an NSF grant proposal. The Final Report will be due at the end of August.

We then proceeded on an ideation exercise led by Scott Sill. It is a hands-on exercise that took us through the steps of interviewing the customer, identifying pains to be addressed, succinctly formulating the need of a solution, designing a number of potential solutions, build a new wallet, and capture customer feedback. The exercise focuses on the design of an innovative wallet, and the process can be applied to other products as well. The class was engaged in the activity and it was also great fun!

Thereafter, we reviewed selected slides from the team presentations, slides that provided examples of the important concepts covered over the past few weeks: customer archetypes, customer workflow, customer roles in B2B, product ecosystem, value proposition canvas, and good ways to present the weekly progress of hypothesis-> experiments -> findings -> iteration.

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