Penn Center for Innovation

Each quarter we release the names of companies currently raising capital from venture capitalists and other sources.

For more information, visit their website or contact Michael Poisel with PCI Ventures at


HydroPoreHydropore- Seed Round

Creating nanoporous metallic structures for hydrogen generation. (John Corsi, Eric Detsi).  Visit our website.


Osetomics – Seed Round

Diagnostic and prognostic tools for the treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries, chronic orthopedic pathologies, and bone implant complications. (Annamarie Horan, Samir Mehta, Abraham Khoury)


PhylloPharma – Seed Round

Plant based production of affordable proteins such as insulin (Henry Daniell)


EnaChipEnaChip – Series B

Magnetic materials, processes, and device designs that enable integration of magnetic components with silicon semiconductor devices. (Mark Allen) Visit our website.


Onocor – Seed Round

Catheter-based retrieval system designed to recover malposition cardiovascular devices. (Joseph Gorman, Robert Gorman, Matthew Gillespie)


BioRealize – Seed Round

Biorealize’s technology is a grow on demand culturing platform that is simple, efficient and data rich and can be operated on-site throughout the entire bioinnovation pipeline.

The easy-to-use devices integrate the many pieces of equipment needed to grow and monitor microbes into a single, compact footprint at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Embedded sensors capture and communicate data each time an application is run in real time and can be accessed remotely by end users from any wifi enabled device. Biorealize’s technology supports both solid and liquid applications from growing cultures for developing new products to running quality control tests.  Biorealize prioritizes an optimal user experience that is based on ease of use and simplicity.