Hypknowledge is unique in that it is not intended for individuals with sleep disorders or sleep complaints. Instead, its functionality is geared toward allowing average to good sleepers to achieve better sleep.

This app provides data-driven insights and recommendations to help people get their most, best sleep. It was developed to allow people to make better use of the data that they obtain from tracking their sleep (whether the data is obtained by sleep diaries, wearable devices, or some combination).

Although some individuals may be content to simply obtain sleep information as an end goal, we believe that this wealth of information may also be used for the purpose determining if each individual can achieve, and benefit from, more sleep. We hope you will find it useful. Sleep well.

Startup Details

Documents:  Overview

Looking for: Partnerships, Seed Investment, Management

Contact:  Jessica Casciano

Reference Dockets # 19-9031,  22-9794

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