Penn Center for Innovation

The PCI Ventures Spotlight Sponsorship provides eligible UPstart companies with small grants to allow them to present at industry conferences.

Approved Conferences

•BIO International Convention
• Life Sciences Future
Life Sciences Summit
• MedTech Innovator
• PACT Capital Conference
RESI Conference
TechConnect World Innovation



The Fine Print
Approval: Opportunities to attend/present must be awarded through a competitive application process. If an opportunity is not already on the list of approved conferences, then it must be submitted to PCI Ventures for consideration no less than four weeks before the application deadline. If a new conference is approved, it will be added to the list and all portfolio companies will be notified of the opportunity to apply. Spotlight Sponsorship funds will not be awarded for unapproved conferences or presentations to for-profit angel funds.

Reimbursement: Spotlight Sponsorship reimburses conference fees only, not travel or lodging. The company is responsible for upfront payment as well as any application fees. Application fees will be reimbursed only for companies that are selected to present. To be reimbursed, the company must submit an official receipt, a reimbursement worksheet, and a signed W-9.

Eligibility: The program is intended to help companies that would not otherwise be able to attend conferences. As such, it is open only to companies with less than $500,000 in total funding (excluding research grants).

PCI Ventures will make all funding decisions and reserves the right to not fund at its discretion.