Penn Center for Innovation

Licensing Inventions

Corporate partners interested in the competitive advantage afforded by Penn technologies should contact PCI to initiate discussions to acquire commercial rights to the technologies.  PCI staff will work with corporate partners efficiently and effectively to negotiate and finalize agreements that enable companies to develop and commercialize Penn technologies.

Sponsoring Research

Penn welcomes industry partners who wish to work with the University to sponsor mutually beneficial collaborative research conducted by Penn scientists. Whether you are a Penn licensee and seek to work with Penn to pursue the next phase of discovery on the project, wish to work with a Penn researcher to confirm and advance a current development, or hope to explore completely new opportunities, PCI is here to help you achieve your research goals.  PCI has streamlined the agreement process by co-locating our contracting and intellectual property staff to review, negotiate, execute and manage sponsored research contracts.

Licensing Research Materials

Penn scientists often develop tangible research materials (TRM), such as antibodies, cell lines, or mouse models, which streamline biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and development efforts.  Corporate partners interested in utilizing Penn TRMs for research and development purposes are welcome to contact PCI to initiate and enter into a license for the rights to these research tools.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements

The PCI staff understands that companies may need to share confidential information with Penn researchers and vice versa.  Our staff can provide and negotiate Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) to protect incoming or outgoing information as needed to facilitate partnership discussions.

Service Agreements

Industry partners seeking access to university core facilities or scientific expertise can subcontract research and development projects to scientists at Penn.  Within PCI, the Corporate Contracts group manages the initiation, negotiation, and execution of these agreements.

Investing in New Ventures

PCI also drives technology development through Penn’s new ventures group and UPstart.  Industry partners can consider making an equity investment in, or partnering with, the more than 100 start-up companies and new venture projects already spun out from Penn technology.

Alliance Programs

Industry partners who wish to invest in broader, more in depth collaborative research programs are welcome to explore alliance opportunities with Penn. PCI will work with you to efficiently draft, review, negotiate, execute, and manage these multi-year, large investment, innovative research relationships..

PCI Expert Network

The Penn Center for Innovation works with University of Pennsylvania faculty to commercialize their ideas and discoveries into the marketplace by facilitating and implementing partnerships with industry via licensing, sponsored research, start up creation and alliance building.

We are seeking volunteers with specific science, technology and industry expertise who would be willing to provide us with knowledge and feedback on some of our faculty’s early stage discoveries. If you are interested and willing to be contacted by PCI staff please fill out the form below. Many thanks for your time and partnership!

PCI Expert Network Contact Form