Short Description: A combination drug enabling Pancreatic Cancer (PaCa)  patients to consume calories in conjunction with their pain relief regimen, to combat the “wasting disease” (Cachexia) that in up to 80% who succumb during chemo treatment , is the cause death. Nutraponia is based on a B2C business model. 

Lessons Learned: (1) Embrace the pivot and be open to new ideas during interviews, finding joy in being proven wrong as it led to improvements for the better. (2) Surprising answers guided correct product positioning in the workflow diagram based on patient needs. 

Names and Affiliation of Team members: 

Virginia A. Stallings, MD, Academic PI, Director Nutrition Center, Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia

Eric Rugart, Co-Entrepreneurial PI, CEO – Feta Med, Inc.

Shadia Bel Hamdounia, Co-Entrepreneurial PI, University of Pennsylvania (Alum)

Vipasha Soni, Student Associate, MSE Bioengineering – Class of 2024, University of Pennsylvania

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