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PCI Ventures supports the creation of spinouts from Penn through targeted programs and activities

PCI Ventures (PCIV) is a division of PCI specifically focused on creating early-stage businesses founded on Penn technology.

PCIV prides itself on promoting entrepreneurial activities and new company formation around Penn’s leading research and innovations. PCIV actively seeks entrepreneurs to lead its companies and investors to provide funding for a portfolio of new ventures in development. PCIV also provides a suite of products and services to support its portfolio as spinouts make their way towards commercial success.

How PCIV Helps Penn Spinouts

Since 2010, PCIV has worked with over 200 faculty and staff members to form and launch new companies based on selected inventions and innovative technologies.

While there are many paths to commercialization of a new technology, the PCIV team works with Penn inventors to develop a commercial strategy that utilizes company creation as a means to increase the value of the technology while giving it exposure in the marketplace. PCIV will assist the business team through the entire commercialization process with an array of services that includes matching a strong entrepreneur to each company, providing a network of partners to help with any number of startup needs, and assisting with fundraising.

By connecting local entrepreneurs, investors and partners with Penn inventors, PCIV adds a powerful platform for a larger entrepreneurial ecosystem in greater Philadelphia and beyond.

PCI Ventures Services


The UPstart program offers a wide array of services to assist entrepreneurial faculty members with the company formation and development process. UPstart smooths the path to future success by working closely with faculty members as they build value into their technology through a new venture.



The UPadvisors program provides support to companies that operate independently, and want to leverage the resources of the PCI Ventures team, services, programs, and network to help navigate the challenges of an early-stage startup.


Other Programs

PCI Ventures produces programs, trainings, and events to support the development of their portfolio companies and Pennovation Works companies.

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PCI Ventures Weekly Office Hours

PCI Ventures  hosts virtual office hours every Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00. Each week, a member of the PCI Ventures team will be available to answer business questions on topics ranging from company formation and legal agreements to benefits and insurance.

Anyone is welcome to take advantage of the office hours, click here to sign up for a session today!

Our Portfolio

PCI Ventures supports a wide-ranging portfolio of early-stage companies through their UPstart and UPadvisors programs.

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Robust wearable monitors to rapidly identify critically important neurological events such as stroke



Improving neurosurgery and neurosurgeons through anatomical pattern recognition assistance


Developing CAR regulatory T cells to treat atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Veltion Therapeutics

Novel approaches for cancer treatment by targeting the Integrated Stress Response and its role in tumor as well as stroma adaptation to stress


A revolutionary smart training system for high-performance athletes

Vital Start Health

Empowering clinicians and caregivers by giving them a digital platform to improve neonatal care

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