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When you discuss and disclose an invention with PCI, it starts a process that could lead to the patenting and/or commercialization of your technology. The commercialization process often involves initiating the legal and patent protection activities and working to identify outside development partners.


Connect with a licensing officer

If you have an idea that you think may have commercial potential or want to understand the commercialization process and how it could benefit your research, the best first step is connect with a PCI licensing officer. PCI’s licensing officers have scientific and business backgrounds so that they can understand your research and guide you through the commercialization process. Here are the key contacts to begin the discussion based on your school:


Initiate a research collaboration with an industry partner
PCI staff can facilitate relationships with different industry partners or investors to support your commercialization goals. These partnerships can take many forms in terms of agreements and your licensing officer can guide you towards the best type of agreement to support your project. Learn more about agreements on our Corporate Contracts page.

Disclose Your Invention

The PCI Inventor Portal is a client service of PCI that provides increasingly streamlined online invention disclosure capability, as well as expanded transparency and relevant data access to faculty inventors for their technology portfolios. Faculty, staff and students use it to submit disclosures and track the status of their inventions within PCI in real-time.

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Portal users will have 24/7 access to a secure website to do the following:

  • Create, edit and submit invention disclosures online;
  • Check the status of submitted invention disclosures; and
  • Check the status of all patent applications on which they are listed as an inventor.

I’m having trouble logging into the Inventor Portal, who do I contact?

We’re sorry you’re having trouble logging in. Please contact our one of our support people at pciit@pci.upenn.edu for assistance with the Inventor Portal. Download an Info Sheet with more details – PCI Inventor Portal Info Sheet

For those without access to the digital inventor portal, we also also a print version. Be sure to include any relevant supporting documents (i.e. the description from section 3 of the form, any draft or published manuscripts, slide decks, etc.) with the disclosure. Download here

Print, Sign, and Send: Print the completed form, obtain the appropriate Penn signatures, and send via email to disclose@pci.upenn.edu. Send the signed original disclosure form via inter-office mail in a sealed envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL to PCI, ATTN Assistant Director IP. For your convenience you can also request a pick-up via our courier service.


Participation Agreement

As a result of the changes to the Patent Policy, all Penn employees, faculty and staff are being asked to review the policy and sign the new Participation Agreement.

The executed Participation Agreement should be sent to the Assistant Director Intellectual Property, Penn Center for Innovation, 3600 Civic Center Blvd., Fl. 9 Philadelphia, PA 19104

How It Works

Disclosure is just the first step in the commercialization process.

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We’re here to help you navigate the road ahead, and understand the various pathways to getting your idea to market.

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After you use our invention portal, your disclosure will be directed to one of our technology licensing officers.

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