PCI Ventures Portfolio

PCI Ventures supports the creation of spinouts from Penn through targeted programs and activities

PCI Ventures supports a wide-ranging portfolio of early-stage companies through their UPstart and UPadvisors programs. The ever-expanding portfolio includes companies in life sciences, medical devices, healthcare management, advanced materials, information technology, and robotics. PCIV actively seeks entrepreneurs to lead its companies and investors to provide funding for the new ventures in development.

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Advac Therapeutic

Development of vaccines and therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancers


A revolutionary smart training system for high-performance athletes


Wearing physiological sensors to monitor for exacerbations of heart failure

Axonova Medical

Proprietary technology platform allowing stretch growth of axon bundles for use as fully functional grafts to address peripheral and CNS neuropathies.


Heat-based technology for wound healing

Carisma Therapeutics


Cellular immunotherapy for solid tumors.

Carousel Therapeutics


Carousel Therapeutics is developing a universal CAR-T targeting system for the treatment of relapse and refractory solid tumors.


Developing CAR regulatory T cells to treat atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.


Catheters using real time anatomic video feedback and fluoroscopic assistance for precise gene therapy delivery and treatment of other disorders of the central nervous system

Chip Diagnostics


Lab-on-a-chip platform addressing the need for rapid, inexpensive, and highly sensitive diagnostics



Affordable, mobile, comfortable, sustained, research-grade, brain state monitoring on the go

Daimroc Imaging

Using Argentavue, a silver nanoparticle contrast agent for breast cancer imaging



Developing magnetic materials, processes, and device designs that enable integration of magnetic components with silicon semiconductor devices


Developing novel enteric bypass solutions to change the paradigm of enterocutaneous fistula management



Developing a diagnostic test to predict a patient’s responsiveness to cancer immunotherapy, with a focus on checkpoint inhibitor therapies.



Analyzes dynamic blood flow as a diagnostic technique in trauma, ER, and clinical settings

Ghost Robotics

Building customizable robotic machines highly adept at perceiving tactile sensations


Hydropore is a clean technology start-up developing hydrogen fuel pellets for drones.



Developing small molecule PARP inhibitors for the treatment of cancer and neurological disorders.



Implantable tissue engineered brain pathways for neurodegenerative disorders.

Jericho Music Labs

A mobile platform for copyrighted music distribution

JT Me-Sh Diagnostics

Developing a novel point-of-care device to evaluate an individual’s exposure to radiation.



Targeted therapeutics from flaxseed derivatives


Advanced technology for limb salvage and reconstruction



Developing a G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) agonist with applicability across a range of cancers.

Liquid Biotech

Diagnostic blood test for sensitive detection of circulating tumor cells.

Mechano Therapeutics


A therapeutic delivery platform using mechanically-activated microcapsule technology


Applying portable electronic technology to advance the potential of endoscopic imagery



Robust wearable monitors to rapidly identify critically important neurological events such as stroke

Neurokappa Therapeutics

Treatments for cerebral vascular spasm using salvia divinosum

Nia Therapeutics


Developing responsive neurostimulation therapies for patients with dementia and other memory disorders.


Catheter based retrieval systems designed to recovered malposition cardiovascular devices


Software and sensor technology to enhance productivity, increase efficiency and automate processes for the construction, mining and infrastructure industries


Developing medical devices for the prevention of thrombosis


Diagnostic and prognostic tools for the treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries, chronic orthopedic pathologies, and bone implant complications

Osteome Synthetica

Developing personalized synthetic bone substitutes that are precision printed.



A novel approach to correct skeletal deformities and deficiencies using a fully implantable, magnetically-driven, bony distraction device

Paradigm Surgical


Prophylactic mesh augmentation systems for fascial reinforcement


Novel therapeutic to prevent acute lung injury, the major cause of death with sepsis.

Pinpoint Therapeutics


Developing novel autophagy inhibitor molecules for cancer treatment.


Biodegradable gold nanoparticles to diagnose and treat diseases via enhanced x-ray attenuation


Developing microRNA therapies to treat myocardial infarction, prevent remodeling, and regenerate tissue



Advanced body-wide analysis of medical imagery for clinical and research purposes

Recupero Robotics

Robotics for improved physical therapy

Ribovate Therapeutics

Ribovate is developing the next generation targeted mRNA-lipid nanoparticle therapeutic platform.


Wearable device for respiratory assistance in COPD patients

Sapience Leadership

Consulting services on curricula, operational issues, and strategic planning


Technology-enhanced immersive learning solutions to leadership development for educational and other organizations



Improving neurosurgery and neurosurgeons through anatomical pattern recognition assistance



Decision support technology for obstetrics to improve outcomes for all mothers

Vellum Biosciences

Non-invasive imaging diagnostic to differentiate cancer, inflammation, and infection

Veltion Therapeutics

Novel approaches for cancer treatment by targeting the Integrated Stress Response and its role in tumor as well as stroma adaptation to stress


Using novel phage-display techniques to develop reagents and therapeutics for veterinary medicine

Vital Start Health

Empowering clinicians and caregivers by giving them a digital platform to improve neonatal care

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