PCI Ventures Portfolio

PCI Ventures supports the creation of spinouts from Penn through targeted programs and activities

PCI Ventures supports a wide-ranging portfolio of early-stage companies through their UPstart and UPadvisors programs. The ever-expanding portfolio includes companies in life sciences, medical devices, healthcare management, advanced materials, information technology, and robotics. PCIV actively seeks entrepreneurs to lead its companies and investors to provide funding for the new ventures in development.

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Advac Therapeutic

Development of vaccines and therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancers


A revolutionary smart training system for high-performance athletes


Wearing physiological sensors to monitor for exacerbations of heart failure

Axonova Medical

Proprietary technology platform allowing stretch growth of axon bundles for use as fully functional grafts to address peripheral and CNS neuropathies.


Heat-based technology for wound healing

Carisma Therapeutics


Cellular immunotherapy for solid tumors.

Carousel Therapeutics


Carousel Therapeutics is developing a universal CAR-T targeting system for the treatment of relapse and refractory solid tumors.


Developing CAR regulatory T cells to treat atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.


Catheters using real time anatomic video feedback and fluoroscopic assistance for precise gene therapy delivery and treatment of other disorders of the central nervous system

Chip Diagnostics


Lab-on-a-chip platform addressing the need for rapid, inexpensive, and highly sensitive diagnostics

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