Commercialization Speaker Series Engages Penn Faculty, Researchers, and Students  

PCI partnered with Penn Medicine and Penn Engineering to present a monthly speaker series with experts in the fields of investing, startups, and other commercialization topics.

The individual sessions featured:

  • Penn Medicine: Rick Jones, M.D., M.B.A., Partner at BioAdvance, discussed the latest trends in life sciences investing.
  • Penn Medicine: Nabil Ullah, Investment analyst, and Matt Cohen, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Life Sciences, at Osage University Partners spoke on understanding founder’s equity for university startups.
  • Penn Medicine: Kathryn Doyle, Esq., Partner at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, discussed the latest trends in life sciences intellectual property (IP).
  • Penn Engineering: Manny Stockman, Ph.D., Partner at Osage University Partners discussed getting your startup from an idea to funding. 
  • Penn Engineering: Steve Weiner, Esq., Senior Director of Innovation & Technology at PCI and Terry Bray, Ph.D. Executive Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences and Engineering at PCI covered “Pitching 101” for academic entrepreneurs. 
  • Penn Engineering: Ajay Rayasam, M.S, Associate, Technology at Osage University Partners presented the benefits of open source software for commercialization. 
  • Penn Engineering: Aaron Rabinowitz, Esq., Partner, Baker Hostetler discussed the latest IP trends for engineers.  
  • Penn Engineering: Terry Bray, PhD, Executive Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences and Engineering at PCI, covered when to disclose an idea for academic entrepreneurs.
  • Penn Engineering: Andrei Georgescu, PhD, CEO of Vivodyne, spoke on the importance of shifting from talking about science to talking about a business opportunity when working with investors and partners

These events had excellent attendance and fostered community and networking for innovators in the medical and engineering spaces at Penn. 

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