PCI features the Future of Wearable Technology during Philly Tech Week

As part of Philly Tech Week, an annual city-wide festival focused on bringing local technology, entrepreneurship and innovation communities together, PCI and the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) co-hosted a special event entitled “The Future of Wearable Technology” at the Pennovation Center. David Yonce, CEO of Penn spinout Cogwear, presented their innovative headband product, a lightweight, wearable device that sends signals from an individual’s brainwaves to a proprietary app. He highlighted the headband’s potential applications in monitoring behavioral health issues, Alzheimer’s complications and more.  Also during the event, Amanda Watson, Postdoctoral Fellow at the PRECISE (Penn Research In Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering) Center at Penn and founder of Luminosity Wearables, explained how their smart watch device in development can track glucose levels and may eventually help people lead healthier lifestyles. 

From left to right: Dean Miller, Laurie Actman, Amanda Watson, David Yonce, and Brian Litt.

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