PCI Tech Publisher Site Now Has Subscription Feature

The PCI Technology Publisher website recently added a new subscription feature so that you can subscribe to receive email updates about new technologies from particular inventors, categories, and departments as they are released in real-time. Follow the steps below to set up your subscription.

Step 1: Go the Tech Publisher website here: https://upenn.technologypublisher.com/

Step 2: Click the “Subscribe” button in the right hand corner.

Step 2: Click “Register” and fill out your information.

Step 3: Select your frequency. You can opt in to receive updates daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Step 4: Make selections based on your preferences. You can choose particular categories, keywords, inventors and departments to get notifications about. There is also the option for a free form search where you can enter your own key terms. New technologies with those terms in the title, description, keywords, inventor names will trigger a tech alert email.

Step 5: Save your changes! Now you will receive email notifications according to your subscription settings. You can always log back in and change them following the same steps.

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