Penn Startup Companies Currently Raising Capital

PCI would like to share some more information about Penn startup companies that are currently raising capital. For more information on any of these companies, please visit their websites (linked below) or email PCI at

Linnaeus Therapeutics – Series B

Small molecule agents that modulate cellular differentiation for the treatment of cancer and disorders of pigmentation (Ridky)

Perch Therapeutics – Series A

Gene therapy for rare ocular diseases (Jean Bennett, Junwei Sun, Valder Arruda)

EpiVario – Series A

Novel epigenetic therapeutics to treat complex psychiatric disorders. (Shelley Berger, Philipp Mews)

LignaMed – Series A

Small molecule flaxseed derivatives for treatment of fibrotic diseases including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, organ transplant preservation, radiation poising, and others. (Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou)

Liquid Biotech – Series A

Diagnostic blood test for sensitive detection of circulating tumor cells. (Gary Kao, Jay Dorsey, Stephen Hahn)

Pinpoint Therapeutics – Seed Round

Novel autophagy inhibitor molecules for cancer treatment. (Jeffrey Winkler, Ravi Amaravadi)

Innervace – Seed Round

Implantable tissue engineered brain pathways for neurodegenerative disorders. (Daniel Kacy Cullen)

Nia Therapeutics – Seed Round

Responsive neurostimulation therapies for patients with dementia and other memory disorders. (Dan Rizzuto)

PolyAurum – Seed Round

Encapsulated gold nanoparticles to safely diagnose and treat cancer. (David Cormode, Jay Dorsey, Andrew Tsourkas, Rabe’e Cheheltani)

Vifant – Seed Round

Mobile tablet-based vision-testing using eye tracking technology.  (Monte Mills, Shivani Sethi)

Ostiio – Seed Round

Device to improve the quality of life for children with craniofacial defects (Ari Wes, Jessie Taylor)

Biorealize – Seed Round

Biorealize has developed unique reactors for bench-top biofabrication designed specifically for faster prototyping and development in a number of fields: including food and beverage, unique materials, and research/education

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