There are 230 million surgeries performed per year worldwide. Surgical experience is the primary factor dictating outcome of each operation. However, surgical experience is not quantifiable, not accessible as a data source, and not easily distributable between users. This leads to variability in outcomes, complications, inefficiency, and high costs in surgical care delivery.

TAIRIS is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to quantify and learn from surgical experience, then customize and distribute tailored information back to surgeons in real-time. TAIRIS Artificial Operative Assistant (AOA), is an Augmented Intelligence system built on a custom deep learning framework with a generalizable and scalable infrastructure. The AOA processes live surgery feeds and presents intelligent guidance and predictive analytics back to surgeons in real-time.

Startup Details

Co-Founded by:


Participates in PCI Ventures UPadvisor

Looking for: Partnerships and Seed Investment

Contact: Vivek Buch  or Jessica Casciano

Reference Docket # 18-8445

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