Recently Awarded Patents (April, May + June 2019)

We are proud to recognize the following inventors who were issued patents between April and June 2019. Congratulations!

US Patents

Chitosan-Based Matrices And Uses Thereof

Random RNA Libraries, Methods Of Generating Same, And Screening Methods Utilizing Same

Novel Adeno-Associated Virus (Aav) Serotype 8 Sequences And Uses Thereof

Ultra Low Capitance Glass Supported Dielectric Membranes For Macomolecular Analysis

  • By Marija Drndic, PhD of Penn School of Arts and Sciences
  • Patent 10,274,478
  • Issued: 4/30/2019

Methods Of Making Chimeric Antigen Receptor –Expressing Cells

  • By Carl June, MD of Penn Medicine
  • Patent 10,273,300
  • Issued: 4/30/2019

Collagen Iii Composition And Uses

Anisotropic And Amphiphilic Particles And Methods For Producing And Using The Same

Novel Adeno-Associated Virus (Aav) Serotype 8 Sequences And Uses Thereof

Method Of Increasing The Function Of An Aav Vector

Gene Therapy For Disorders Related To Cep290

A Method Of Detecting And/Or Identifying Adena-Associated Virus (Aav) Sequences And Isolating Novel Sequences

Method For Detecting Chromosome Structure And Gene Expression Simultaneously In Single Cells

Treatment Of Cancer Using Humanized Anti-Cd19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor

  • By Carl June, MD of Penn Medicine
  • Patent 10,221,245
  • Issued: 6/5/2019

Coaxial Ablation Probe And Method And System For Real-Time Monitoring Of Ablation Therapy

Compositions Comprising Ch848 Envelopes And Uses Thereof

  • By George Shaw of Penn Medicine
  • Patent 10,322,141
  • Issued: 6/18/2019

Foreign Patents

Compstatin Ananlogs With Improved Pharmacokinetic Properties

RNA Containing Modified Nucleosides And Methods Of Use Thereof

  • By Drew Weissman, MD, PhD of Penn Medicine
  • Patent 2578685 for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, European Patent Office, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom
  • Issued: 4/17/2019

Novel Vaccines Against Multiple Subtypes Of Dengue Virus

  • By Mathura Ramanathan of Penn Medicine
  • China Patent ZL2014800138202
  • Issued: 4/19/2019

Methods Of Assessing The Suitability Of Transduced T Cells For Administration

  • By Carl June, MD of Penn Medicine
  • Patent 2872533 for European Patent Office, France, Germany, Italy,  Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Issued: 4/24/2019

Improved Vaccines For Human Papilloma Virus And Methods For Using The Same

Non-Hemolytic Llo Fusion Proteins And Methods Of Utilizing Same


Mono Or Multivalent Botulinum Neurotoxin Based Vaccine Using The Heavy Chain From Serotypes A, B, E And F

Treatment Of Cancer Using Humanized Anti-Bcma Chimeric Antigen Receptor

Adeno-Associated Virus (Aav) Clades, Sequences, Vectors Containing Same, And Uses Therefor

Treatment Of Cancer Using A Cd33 Chimeric Antigen Receptor

  • By Carl June, MD of Penn Medicine
  • Colombia Patent 35002
  • Issued: 5/24/2019

Methods For Constructing Antibiotic Resistance Free Vaccines

Potent Compstatin Analogs

  • By John Lambris, PhD of Penn Medicine
  • Hong Kong Patents HK1163136 and HK1163133
  • Issued: 6/6/2019

Methods For Monitoring Cd4+ T-Helper Type 1 Response In Cancer And Immune Restoration

Identification Of Immunogenic Mhc Class Ii Peptides For Immune-Based Therapy

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