Success Story

Reuters ranks Penn as the world’s 4th most innovative university for the 3rd consecutive year

The University of Pennsylvania continues to be one of the best universities in the world for innovators, patents, research, and entrepreneurs.

According to Reuters:

“Researchers at Penn’s department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics have developed a way to “heal” metal at room temperature. The process is modeled after the way bones repair themselves, and involves creating metallic foams that are coated with an inert polymer; when the metal is damaged, the polymer breaks, exposing the damaged area. The polymer then works as a protective mask for a low-energy, room-temperature electroplating technique that adds a new metal coating only where there was damage. In 2018 Penn announced a collaboration with Johnson & Johnson to open a hub at the Pennovation Center, the University’s business and technology incubator in Philadelphia. Entrepreneurs working at the site focus on developing new medical devices, pharmaceuticals, consumer and health technologies.”

View the full Reuters rankings. 

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