Webinar Recording: Insider Insights from Women Founders in Tech

Starting and scaling a business is hard. Being a female founder in tech is even harder. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit who is willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and iterate to build a startup. Doing this in a male-dominated industry can present challenges but, overall, the opportunities and rewards of building something from the ground up is certainly worth it for those with the gumption.

This webinar, recorded during Amplify Philly at Home on September 23, features some of the leading women in tech supported by the Penn Center for Innovation and the Pennovation Center. They share their stories and insights on how they got to where they are and what they envision for the future.

Featured Speakers:

  • Laurie Actman, Chief Marketing, Communications and Program Officer at Penn Center for Innovation, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jessie Garcia, CEO & Founder, Tozuda
  • Peggy Robinson, CEO, Caza
  • Adriana Vazquez, Co-founder and CEO, Lilu
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