4D Molecular Therapeutics (4DMT) Acquires Rights to Penn Medicine Invented Technology from Aevitas Therapeutics

Penn spinout Aevitas Therapeutics recently executed an asset purchase agreement with California-based biotechnology company 4D Molecular Therapeutics (4DMT). As per the agreement, 4DMT has acquired Aevitas’ proprietary rights to short-form human complement factor H (sCFH) assets developed at Penn. The sCFH technology was co-invented and co-developed by Dr. Wenchao Song, Professor of Pharmacology at the Perelman School of Medicine and previously licensed by Penn to Aevitas.

sCFH can be applied to treat Geographic Atrophy (“GA”), a chronic progressive degeneration of the macula (part of the eye located near the center of the retina), as well as other diseases. Read the full story about this deal here. Explore the applications of sCFH here.

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