Success Story

Carisma Therapeutics continues to expand

Following the issuance of the first patent covering a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-engineered macrophage in 2021, Penn and Carisma Therapeutics (Carisma) have strengthened the intellectual property portfolio covering this technology with the issuance of five additional patents in 2022 (US:15-7425).  The patent portfolio, licensed by Penn to Carisma, provides robust coverage of macrophages or monocytes engineered to express various CARs directed to tumor targets for use as potential cancer therapies. Relative to CAR-T cells, CAR-engineered macrophages and monocytes have certain advantages in their ability to target, access and survive in solid tumors and an ability to activate the patient’s own immune response to the tumor that make them attractive as potential therapeutics for solid tumors. Carisman was founded by Penn Medicine’s Saar Gill, PhD.

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