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The Power of Pennovation Works: Research and Development

In November, in recognition of the 5th year anniversary of Pennovation Works, the Pennovation Center hosted The Power of Pennovation Works: Research and Development panel.

Team of Leading Scientists unite to launch Capstan Therapeutics

Penn spinout Capstan Therapeutics unites decades of combined experience in groundbreaking CAR therapies with the latest advances in mRNA delivery technology to find new cures for cancer and other dise

Innervace launches with $40M to repair the brain

Innervace, a regenerative medicine startup cofounded by Penn Medicine’s Kacy Cullen, PhD, and Douglas Smith, PhD raised up to $40 million in Series A financing. 

iECURE Gets Early FDA Designation

The company was awarded FDA orphan drug designation for its experimental therapy, GTP-506, on the heels of the drug receiving rare pediatric disease designation.

Tadataka “Tachi” Yamada, MD, PhD

Dr. Yamada had a distinguished career as a visionary leader in the life sciences industry. He led research and development at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and GlaxoSmithKline.

PCI Fellows Program trains future commercialization leaders

PCI Fellows get exposure to a wide range of emerging technologies and commercialization opportunities in the life sciences, physical sciences, nanotechnology, and beyond. 

Penn researchers invent microrobots to brush teeth

In a proof-of-concept study, a robotic microswarm of nanoparticles, arranged in bristle-like structures, effectively cleaned plaque and decay-causing bacteria from both mock and human teeth.

Press Highlights of FY22

During the 2022 fiscal year, there were 98 press mentions for PCI programs, startups and partners. Some of the most popular and widely circulated stories are included here.

Peroxitech raises $25M Series A

PCIV startup Peroxitech Inc. announced the successful completion of a $25M Series A financing for treatment of acute lung injury (ALI) into clinical development.

Penn Engineering Lab develops next-generation drug delivery technologies

Mike Mitchell's lab has numerous ongoing research partnerships to support new therapeutic solutions with commercial entities that were facilitated by PCI.  


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