Success Story

G2Bio launches with $200M to invest in research and development of novel gene therapies

The G2 Bio Accelerator, co-founded by James M. Wilson, MD, PhD, Director, Gene Therapy Program, Rose H. Weiss Professor and Director, Orphan Disease Center and Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, and the late Tachi Yamada, launched with a $200 million investment commitment from the global investment firm Temasek to accelerate the development of genetic-based therapies.

G2 Bio will fund and develop potential next-generation gene therapy candidates emerging from research conducted at Penn’s Gene Therapy Program (GTP). GTP’s broad research program is working to develop novel therapeutics against more than 50 different disease programs and is currently managing dozens of translational research projects using a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including gene therapy, gene editing, and mRNA therapeutic approaches using adeno-associated viruses or lipid nanoparticles.

Dr. Wilson’s laboratory has made seminal contributions to the field of gene therapy which has paved the way for translation of many of these technologies into the clinic and through to product approval. Dr. Wilson has published over 600 papers, is named on over 200 patents worldwide and is co-founder of more than half a dozen promising biotechnology companies.

James M. Wilson, PhD
Tadatak Yamada
Tachi Yamada, M.D.
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