Success Story

IBA partners with Penn Medicine to develop flash therapy

IBA Worldwide, a technology company that develops particle accelerator technology, partnered with a team of faculty from Radiation Oncology at Penn Medicine led by Dr. James Metz, to advance research in ConformalFLASH®, a novel method combining ultra-high dose rate of proton FLASH radiotherapy, to clinical use. This new initiative is another milestone in the long-term collaboration between IBA and Penn. It also has the potential to deliver a paradigm shift in radiation therapy and cancer treatment. 

Penn Medicine’s department of radiation oncology also recently received a $12.3 million, five-year NIH core to compare the ability of proton, carbon, and electron radiotherapy to protect normal tissues from harmful effects while controlling or eradicating solid tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, soft tissues throughout the body and bones.  

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