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Marion Leary Speaks on her Innovation-Focused Nursing Career

Last week, Philly released an interview with Marion Leary, Director of Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, about her innovation-focused nursing career and the future of nurse-led innovation.

Leary explained that nurses interact with every product and process that touches a patient, and that they are the foundation of almost everything that happens in healthcare. In fact, nurses are innovating all the time, balancing patient needs with the urgency and complexity of medical care.

As part of her mission, Leary also wants other nurses to know that they don’t have to stay in a hospital to use their degrees, and that they too can build a career around innovation.

“I would argue that innovation and technology is integral to whatever you’re doing and there’s not just one space where it’s needed,” Leary said. “You don’t have to go into a nursing innovation role to be a nurse innovator. You take the skills that you learn and you apply them to wherever you’re practicing.”

Read the full article and learn more about Leary’s career path here.

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