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Category: Penn Nursing

Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative Support Advances in LGBTQIA+ Health Startups

The goal of the partnership is to support founders and entrepreneurs with in-depth LGBTQ+ health knowledge and research expertise.

President’s Innovation Prize Winner Lumify Care and PCI Startup Neuralert Hit Major Milestones in 2022

Lumify Care and Neuralert have grown rapidly in terms of funding and product expansion.

Marion Leary Speaks on her Innovation-Focused Nursing Career

Learn about Marion Leary and her mission to help health professionals pursue a career path in innovation.

Applications now being accepted for the President’s Innovation Prize

Unique to both Penn and across higher education, the Prize underscores the University’s considerable commitment to encouraging students to put their knowledge to work for the betterment of humankind.

Penn launches $750M investment in science, engineering, and medicine

President Amy Gutmann has announced the launch of a $750 million investment.

Philly Tech Week: Innovation Lessons from the Frontiers of Healthcare

As part of Philly Tech Week 2021 and the Philly Introduced Conference, PCI and the Pennovation Center, hosted an educational webinar on the range of innovations emerging from Penn in the


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