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2023 President’s Prize Winners: Where They Are Now?

The 2023 President’s Innovation Prize (PIP) and President’s Engagement Prize (PEP) winners have each made significant strides over the course of the past year.

ToxiSense Develops Plant-Based Alternativeto Horseshoe Crab Blood 

ToxiSense is developing a plant-based alternative to test for bacterial toxins in vaccines and medical devices, which could eliminate the current need for  bloodletting of horseshoe crabs.

Linnaeus Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Composition of Matter Patent for LNS8801 by the European Patent Office 

Linnaeus Therapeutics, Inc. announced the issuance of EP patent 3823617 by the European Patent Office (EPO) covering the pharmaceutical composition of matter for their lead compound, LNS8801.  

Exyn Technologies Pioneers Drone Software for GPS-denied Environments 

Exyn Technologies, a PCI Ventures portfolio company focused on multi-platform robotic autonomy, is receiving global recognition for its groundbreaking drone software.

Nia Therapeutics Raises $8.5 Million 

Penn spinout Nia Therapeutics recently raised $8.5 million in an equity financing round.

Penn Spinout Capstan TherapeuticsRaises $175M in Series B Financing Round

Proceeds from the financing will be used to advance Capstan's lead in vivo chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) candidate, CPTX2309, to early clinical proof-of-concept in autoimmune disorders.

iEcure Gains FDA approval to Conduct FirstGene Therapy Treatment  

Utilizing ARCUS, a gene editing tool developed by Precision BioSciences, the therapy aims to provide a lifelong fix for this disease, potentially benefiting thousands of individuals in the US alone.

Penn Startup Profile: Baleena’s Continued Emergence and Growth  

Baleena is focused on developing a consumer product that attaches to the inside of a washing machine drum to filter out microfibers.  

Three Penn Startups Recognized on Philadelphia’s 2024 RealLIST Startups list  

This year, Penn spinouts BlueWhale Bio and Baleena, ranked number one and two on the RealLIST respectively.

Y-Prize Goes to LilyLoop, a feminine product that captures menstrual flow data for improved diagnostics

LilyLoop, which proposed a commercial application for Penn’s biodegradeable moisture sensors, is the winner of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management’s 2024 Y-Prize Competition. 


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