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Penn Engineering’s Amy Gutmann Hall Reaches Construction Milestone 

Once completed, the new facility, equipped with next-generation hybrid classrooms and laboratories, will support research in a variety of engineering sectors.

Penn Engineering and AlphaThera Expand License Agreement

AlphaThera, a startup company co-founded by Andrew Tsourkas, PhD, entered into an expanded license agreement with Penn.

Mitchell Lab develops RNA nanoparticle therapy to stop the spread of incurable bone marrow cancer

This new form of treatment turns off a cancer-attracting function in human blood vessels, which disables the pathways through which the cancer cells travel.

Center for Innovation & Precision Dentistry Presents Second Annual Symposium

The symposium featured presentations and research posters by CiPD faculty and trainees in the Center’s NIDCR T90/R90 Postdoctoral Training Program as well as invited speakers.  

PCI Attends Tech Connect World Innovation Conference 2023 

From June 19-20, PCI attended 2023 Tech Connect World Innovation Conference and Expo, an annual event that brings together the creators of breakthrough technologies with corporations.

PCI Attends 2023 BIO International Convention

Qishui (Tracy) Chen, Assistant Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences, and Engineering shared and discussed a wide range of available drug delivery technologies come out of Penn.

Penn Engineering’s Nader Engheta Receives the Benjamin Franklin Medal for his work on metamaterials  

Engheta was granted this prestigious award, which is one of the world’s oldest science and technology awards, for his transformative innovations in engineering novel metamaterials.

Penn Dental Medicine  and Penn Engineering Faculty Invent Nanorobotic system That Offers new options for targeting fungal infections

This research team has developed a new way to accurately target and quickly destroy fungal cells in the mouth by using nanorobots guided by magnets.

Technology to help Newborns in the NICU wins 2023 President’s Innovation Prize

Penn President Liz Magill awarded the 2023 President’s Innovation Prize toGabriella Daltoso, Sophie Ishiwari, Gabriela Cano, Caroline Amanda Magro, and Tifara Eliana Boyce for their project, Sonura.

Mitchell Lab’s Targeted Prenatal Therapy for Mothers and Their Babies Addresses Gap in Health Equity

The researchers’ successful trials in mice show that the technology may potentially lead to promising treatment options for humans with pre-eclampsia.


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