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Category: Penn Engineering

PCI and PACT Host AI Event for Philly Tech Week 

PCI and the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) jointly presented a recent event called “AI Nexus: Shaping Tomorrow’s Intelligence."

Penn Engineering’s Deep Jariwala and Troy Olsson Develop Heat-resistant Memory Device that can Withstand Extreme Temperatures 

This device, whose heat tolerance far surpasses existing commercial storage technologies, could help to facilitate computing under extreme conditions like deep-earth drilling and space missions.

Exyn Technologies Partners with Measur to Expand Canadian Footprint 

Measur plans to bring Exyn's cutting-edge technologies like the Nexys 3D SLAM LiDAR payload system to market.

New Technology Video: An Inside Look at Marc Miskin’s New Technology for Reflective Displays  

The invention consists of an array of individually addressable microscale optical resonators and arrangements of optical components which allow a beam of light to circulate more efficiently.

LNP Research from the Mitchell Lab is Highlighted in the Philadelphia Inquirer  

Mike Mitchell, PhD, was interviewed recently by the Philadelphia Inquirer about his cutting-edge research in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), which are crucial for delivering mRNA into the body's cells.   

Exyn Technologies Pioneers Drone Software for GPS-denied Environments 

Exyn Technologies, a PCI Ventures portfolio company focused on multi-platform robotic autonomy, is receiving global recognition for its groundbreaking drone software.

2024 President’s Prize Winners Announced  

The President's Innovation Prize was recently awarded to fourth year Penn Engineering students for their project Jochi. 

Penn Engineering Announces the First Ivy League Undergraduate Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence 

Penn Engineering has introduced its Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree, which is the first undergraduate major of its kind among Ivy League universities.

Koo and Steager’s Tooth-brushing microrobots offer even more life-changing applications 

In 2024, Koo and Steager sat down with Penn Today to discuss this technology’s potential not only to brush teeth, but also to diagnose and treat infectious diseases–in teeth and beyond. 

Shu Yang’s Research Highlighted in Penn Today 

In this Penn Today article, Yang explains how her inventions begin with changes on a fundamental level that can then grow into scalable and impactful products.


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