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Koo and Steager’s Tooth-brushing microrobots offer even more life-changing applications 

In 2024, Koo and Steager sat down with Penn Today to discuss this technology’s potential not only to brush teeth, but also to diagnose and treat infectious diseases–in teeth and beyond. 

Shu Yang’s Research Highlighted in Penn Today 

In this Penn Today article, Yang explains how her inventions begin with changes on a fundamental level that can then grow into scalable and impactful products.

The Philadelphia Business Journal Showcases Robotics Growth in Philadelphia 

The Philadelphia Business Journal recently released an article about robotics growth in Philadelphia.

Penn Engineering’s Miskin Lab Featured on CNN for Origami Inspired Microrobots that Could Repair Nerves 

The goal of this innovative technology is to use the microrobots to assist in repairing peripheral nerves.

Long-term Penn Research Across Disciplines Leads to the Development of a New ‘Patch’ that Uses Natural Body Motion to Fix Disc Herniation

A new biologic “patch” that is activated by a person’s natural motion has the potential to fix herniated discs in people’s backs, according to researchers at Penn Medicine and the CMC VA Medical Cente

Mitchell Lab: Lipid nanoparticles that deliver mRNA to T cells show potential treatment for autoimmune diseases 

The goal of this platform is to engineer adoptive cell therapies inside of the body for specific autoimmune diseases.

Penn Faculty Discover An Innovative Potential Treatment for Tooth Decay

In search of a more effective treatment, the research team employed a combination of ferumoxytol (Fer) and stannous fluoride (SnF2) to fight tooth decay.

Penn biomedical scientists move into new uCity complex with 115,000 square feet of lab space

A group of Penn scientists and engineers is moving into 115,000 square feet of new lab space in the 13-story One uCity Square building in West Philadelphia.

Team members of I Corps Team and Penn President’s Prize Winner Sonura are Named Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Inno Under 25”

The group was named as 2023’s Inno Under 25 honorees by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Mitchell Named “Young Innovator of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering”

Mike Mitchell, PhD, J. Peter and Geri Skirkanich Assistant Professor of Innovation in Bioengineering (BE), was named a "Young Innovator of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering."


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