New Technology Video: An Inside Look at Marc Miskin’s New Technology for Reflective Displays  

Marc Miskin, PhD, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Penn Engineering, and David Gonzalez-Medrano, a PhD candidate in Electrical and Systems Engineering at Penn Engineering, have developed an invention that improves the user experience of reflective display devices, such as smartwatches, e-readers, and various IoT devices, where battery life is a critical factor.  

The invention consists of an array of individually addressable microscale optical resonators and arrangements of optical components which allow a beam of light to circulate more efficiently. The optical resonators offer reflective displays with higher resolution combined with lower power consumption, extremely rich color tones, and a unique manufacturing path. They also make reflective display devices easier to operate outdoors. Learn more about the technology here.

This new, state-of-the-art video of the technology features a high-level interview with Miskin, showcases his laboratory and offers a device demonstration. Watch it below:

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