Mitchell Lab: Lipid nanoparticles that deliver mRNA to T cells show potential treatment for autoimmune diseases 

A research team led by Michael Mitchell, PhD, associate professor in Bioengineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, has developed a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform to deliver Foxp3 messenger RNA (mRNA) to T cells for applications in autoimmunity.

The goal of this platform is to engineer adoptive cell therapies inside of the body for specific autoimmune diseases. While the traditional method of engineering cells outside of the body comes with major challenges in efficiency, toxicity, and scale up, the Mitchell Lab’s mRNA lipid nanoparticles (mRNA LNPs) allow them to overcome these issues. 

This technology can potentially be used to create new therapeutic avenues for allergies, organ transplantation and more. Read the full article here.

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