Success Story

Recupero Robotics launches

Michelle Johnson, PhD, a faculty member affiliated with both Penn Engineering  and Penn Medicine, along with two of her former students, Roshan Rai and Suneet Sharma, were awarded a patent for their foundational Robotic Physical Therapy System (US 11,090,528).  The invention gathers data from a patient performing exercises using a robotic rehabilitation system and analyzes this information to help medical practitioners determine and optimize the patient’s future course of treatment. Dr. Johnson and a team of collaborators have launched Recupero Robotics with the help of PCI Ventures to further develop this robotic system and hopefully bring it to market for broad patient benefit. Recupero Robotics recently won a fast track SBIR grant to support early development of the technology (SBIR 1R42HD104325) and has exclusively optioned the associated Penn patent rights.

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