Success Story

ŌNŌCOR launches ŌNŌ system

Penn spinout ŌNŌCOR announced the first-in-human application of the ŌNŌ endovascular retrieval system during a recent medical procedure involving the removal of an intracardiac tumor. The ŌNŌ system is a novel catheter-based device designed to less-invasively receive, align, compress, and remove material from the vascular system. Intracardiac tumors (abnormal growth of tissues inside the heart) affect thousands of patients around the world, and, prior to ŌNŌ, open-heart surgery was the only way to effectively and safely remove them.

Using the ŌNŌ system in combination with electrocautery, a procedure that uses heat from an electric current to destroy abnormal tissue, Dr. James M. McCabe and Dr. Zachary L. Steinberg and their team at the University of Washington Medical Center were able to remove an intracardiac tumor from a 54-year-old patient without the need for open-heart surgery. This first-of-its-kind procedure opens the door to a range of new and less-invasive surgical procedures for patients around the world.

ŌNŌ received FDA clearance in May 2022.

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