Success Story

PCI highlights innovation in Penn Robotics during Philly Tech Week

Swartley and Mohanraj speak with Chris Wink about the future of university-led innovation hubs.

Last Spring, PCI participated in the 12th annual Philly Tech Week, a conference hosted by Philly showcasing some of the city’s best technology and innovation. PCI, the Pennovation Center and other Penn organizations partnered together to represent Penn during thePenn Robotics Discussion and Showcase (see below for more information), Philly Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo, and the discussion-based Introduced conference (see video above).

PCI also partnered with the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) to organize the Penn Robotics Discussion and Showcase at the Pennovation Center focusing on the latest trends in robotics. The panel was moderated by Dean of Penn Engineering Dr. Vijay Kumar and included a discussion and demo with panelists from Penn-affiliated companies Exyn Technologies, Treeswift, IQ Motion Control, and Recupero Robotics.

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