PCI Showcases Penn’s Neuroscience Innovation at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

In parallel with the 2024 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, PCI hosted the Innovation @ Penn program “The Future of Neuroscience” in San Francisco on January 8, 2024.

The event was introduced by Benjamin Dibling, PhD, Managing Director, PCI, and Jim Bowen, PhD, Executive Director, Corporate Alliances, PCI, served as the moderator.

Our panel featured an exciting line-up of experts in the field of brain science and neurobiology, including leading luminaries:

  • Brian Litt, MD, Perelman Professor of Neurology at Penn Medicine and Director, Penn Health-Tech
  • Michael Kahana, PhD, Penn SAS Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Co-Founder & Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Nia Therapeutics
  • Anna Wexler, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania

The panel offered an in-depth discussion about what is next for neuroscience at Penn and beyond, including memory, neuro-ethics, the relationship between AI and neuroscience, and the latest neuroscience research and technology.

At the end of the panel, Laurie Actman, Chief Marketing, Communications and Programs Officer, PCI, and Kathryn Doyle, PhD, Esq., Partner, Saul Ewing, presented closing remarks.

The program was well attended by professionals from across the globe in pharma, medtech and biotech industries and offered an incredible opportunity for networking and connection. Present at the conference was a representative from Forbes, who covered the event in an article called “Neurotech Takes The Stage At JPM 2024.”

The article shines the spotlight on Anna Wexler, explaining how her role as a neuroethicist takes her beyond academia and allows her to engage with startups and corporate partners to evaluate ethical practices in neurotechnology.  Andrei Georgescu, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Penn spinout Vivodyne , was also mentioned for his participation in a panel centered on AI. Georgescu discussed the challenges biotech companies face when leveraging AI, which entails a bottleneck in quality, complex datasets. Read the full article here.

Watch a video recording of the panel here.

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