PCI Startup SchoolSims Named One of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the Philadelphia Region by Philadelphia100® Forum

PCI startup SchoolSims was named as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the Philadelphia region by Philadelphia100® Forum, a merit-based program that awards the fastest growing, privately-held companies.

SchoolSims, which was founded by Michael Johanek, Policy, Organizations, Leadership, and Systems Division Director at the Graduate School of Education, is an education company that offers technology-enhanced immersive learning solutions to leadership development for educational and other organizations.

SchoolSims provides a library of simulations to help current and aspiring school leaders and teachers manufacture experiences they can tap into when they need them. These simulations are experiential learning tools that emulate real-world scenarios, allowing participants to decide on a course of action, implement it, and experience its consequences, all within the same exercise.

To learn more about ScoolSims visit their website here. To view the entire list of 100 Fastest Growing Companies, read here.

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