PCI Startup Vital Start Health Wins 2022 Citizens Small Business Community Champions Award for their Work in Neonatal Care

PCI startup Vital Start Health empowers clinicians and caregivers by giving them a digital platform to improve neonatal care.

Their evidence-based telehealth platform Vital Start COURAGE is the first digital medicine for Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) for mothers/parents from third trimester of pregnancy to first year postpartum.

In May, Vital Start won the 2022 Citizens Small Business Community Champions Award in the category of women-owned business for their incredible work in the neonatal space.

“It is Vital Start Health’s vision to impact the well-being of all mothers through their unique maternity journey and this award will support us in this vision,” said CEO Kirthika Parmeswaran. “We are elated to receive this award and focus the funds to support our community pillars, the moms, with equitable, personalized perinatal well-being services.”

Read more about Vital Start Health on their website here.

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