Penn Center for Innovation

PCI Ventures (PCIV) at the University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to supporting technology commercialization within the Penn community. Since 2010, PCIV has worked with over 200 faculty and staff members to form and launch new companies based on selected inventions and innovative technologies.

While there are many paths to commercialization of a new technology, the PCIV team works with Penn inventors to develop a commercial strategy that utilizes company creation as a means to increase the value of the technology while giving it exposure in the marketplace. We are committed to assisting the business team through the entire commercialization process with an array of services that includes matching a strong entrepreneur to each company, providing a network of partners to help with any number of startup needs and assisting with the raise of proof-of-concept funding.  Today, our portfolio includes companies in life sciences, medical devices, healthcare management, advanced materials, information technology, and robotics.

By connecting local entrepreneurs, investors and partners with Penn inventors, PCIV adds a powerful platform for a larger entrepreneurial ecosystem in greater Philadelphia and beyond.

The PCIV Process

  1. 01. Invention

    Faculty member desires to commercialize their research, approaches UPstart. Team explains the UPstart process. Faculty member signs the Company Formation Agreement.

  2. 02. Company Creation

    Faculty member works with the Upstart team to choose a company name, sign the LLC Agreement, work through company formation applications and help develop initial marketing materials.

  3. 03. Entrepreneur

    The Upstart team identifies, interviews, and matches potential entrepreneurs to run the company. With the approval of the faculty member, entrepreneur signs the management agreement.

  4. 04. Partners

    UPstart engages partners to provide services to the new company, ranging from bank account setup to legal advice.

  5. 05. Funding

    UPstart works with the company to pursue different forms of funding, including: corporate partnerships, SBIR/STTR government grants, angels and VC investment and funding from foundations.

  6. 06. Set Up Operations

    When funding becomes available, UPstart helps the company acquire insurance, lease space, establish payroll, set up bookkeeping, and so forth to become a fully operational entity.

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PCI Ventures

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