Penn Nursing launches the Design Thinking for Health platform

The Design Thinking for Health platform equips nurses with tools to lead in health and healthcare innovation!

Nurses make up the largest and most trusted group of health care professionals, work on the front lines of the health care system, and are frequently called on to devise on-the-spot solutions to urgent health care problems, yet most nurses receive little or no training in how to effectively address these design challenges.

The Design Thinking for Health (DT4H) platform being launched today will support creative, action-oriented thinking and methodological problem solving by nursing innovators – including students, bedside nurses, clinical leaders, and researchers – by providing access to Design Thinking techniques with a focus on nursing-relevant issues.

The DT4H platform is designed so that nurses, no matter their background or experience and no matter where they practice can use this course to learn about nursing innovation and design thinking.

This unique suite of materials is available free of charge to all nurses, nursing programs, and health care innovators. We encourage clinicians and educators to use the entire course or pull from the different modules to educate their nurses, and to teach the next generation of nurses as innovators!

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