Electronic-photonic deep neural networks

Firooz Aflatouni, PhD, Skirkanich Assistant Professor in Electrical and Systems Engineering in Penn Engineering, is working on making an electronic-photonic chip that can transfer tens of thousands of times more data per second than those found in current modems.

Currently, transferring data from the electronic domain to the optical domain and back takes valuable time and energy. To solve this problem, Aflatouni’s Electronic Photonic Microsystems Lab constructs chips that handle electronic and photonic information in the same place, an approach referred to as “electronic-photonic co-design.”

“I’m generally open to pursuing ‘out-there’ opportunities, so my work builds off of my core electronic-photonic area and is pretty diverse. My research has benefitted significantly from Penn’s culture of collaboration,” said Aflatouni in Penn Today. Read more here.

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