Sensor innovation moves forward to development

This past year inventor Dr. A.T. Charlie Johnson, Rebecca W. Bushnell Professor of Physics and Astronomy in the School of Arts & Sciences, received three issued patents:

  • US # 10,983,117: Carbon Nanotube Biosensors and Related Methods; 
  • US # 10,900,971: Biomimetic Chemical Sensors Using Nanoelectronic Readout of Olfactory Receptors; and
  • US # 10,809,222: Opioid Detection Based on High Quality Graphene Transistor Arrays and a Synthetic Mu Receptor.  The technology describes sensors having high sensitivity that are tailored to detect a broad range of molecular components.

The first two patents have been licensed to a company focused on the development of diagnostic sensors for multiple applications. 

A.T. Charlies Johnson
Dr. A.T. Charlie Johnson
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