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Philadelphia Ranks Second in New Study Comparing U.S. Cell and Gene Therapy Hubs

Philadelphia ranks second in a newly released study comparing 14 U.S. cell and gene therapy hubs in five key categories.

Penn Featured in New Promotional Reel of Philadelphia Region’s Cell and Gene Therapy Family Tree

A new 90-second video animation created by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s CEO Council for Growth shows the Philadelphia region's gene and cell therapy family tree.

Cell and Gene Therapy On Track to Hit Record Number of Regulatory Approvals; Potential Implications for Commercial Real Estate Industry

While the CGT industry is growing at a rapid rate, real estate development happens much slower, which may have implications for the amount of available space.

Car-T Pioneer Bruce Levine Speaks on the Past, Present and Future of Cancer Therapy

Learn about Dr. Bruce Levine's predictions for the future uses of Car-T therapy.

Gnubiotics and Penn Explore CAR-T Therapy

This collaboration will take place through company-sponsored pre-clinical research studies in the laboratory of Avery Posey, PhD, an assistant professor at the Perelman School of Medicine.


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