Car-T Pioneer Bruce Levine Speaks on the Past, Present and Future of Cancer Therapy

This year, as the first pediatric patient to receive Car-T therapy celebrates 10 years of remission, life sciences market research leader Phacilitate interviewed Bruce Levine, a Penn immunologist who was an integral part of the development and initial clinical trials of CAR-T. In the interview, Levine speaks about how Car-T has treated close to 20,000 patients in dozens of countries since its inception in 2010 – and it doesn’t stop there.

Moving forward, Levine and his colleagues aim to improve patient awareness, doctor referrals, and overall access when it comes to Car-T treatment around the world. They also hope to expand the uses of Car-T beyond blood cancer and are currently working on applying Car-T treatment to other diseases as well as solid tumors. Read the full story and watch Levine’s 8 minute interview here

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