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Penn Medicine and Candel Therapeutics partner to pursue potential solid tumor CAR-T cell therapy

The University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Cellular Immunotherapies, led by cell therapy pioneer Dr. Carl June, has entered into a cancer treatment collaboration with Candel Therapeutics.

Penn spinout Capstan Therapeutics Launches with Goal of Incorporating mRNA into CAR-T Cell Therapy

This new approach to CAR-T therapy will involve mRNA therapy that directs cells in the body to make proteins to prevent or fight disease.

Penn Spinout Interius BioTherapeutics Is Developing Tools to Perform Cell and Gene Engineering Directly in the Human Body

The hope is that this new technology could simplify the process of CAR-T cell therapy and make gene therapy widely available as a one-time injection to a much larger number of patients.

Carl June Discusses Applications of CAR-T Cell Therapy in Science Friday Interview

In this Science Friday interview, Dr. Carl June discusses CAR-T's continued use in battling new blood cancers, as well as its future potential for treating solid state cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Penn spinout Verismo Therapeutics Makes Agreement to Fund University Research of KIR-CAR platform of Car-T to Target Solid Tumors

Learn about Penn spinout Verismo Therapeutics' agreement to fund four years of university research of KIR-CAR platform of Car-T to target solid tumors.

Car-T Pioneer Bruce Levine Speaks on the Past, Present and Future of Cancer Therapy

Learn about Dr. Bruce Levine's predictions for the future uses of Car-T therapy.

Gnubiotics and Penn Explore CAR-T Therapy

This collaboration will take place through company-sponsored pre-clinical research studies in the laboratory of Avery Posey, PhD, an assistant professor at the Perelman School of Medicine.

Five Years of Data Show Long-term Promise for Penn and Novartis’ Car-T Pioneer Kymriah

Five years after Penn and Novartis made history with the FDA approval of Kymriah, a recent study shows the long-term impact of the medication on patient remission rates. 


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