Penn Medicine and Candel Therapeutics partner to pursue potential solid tumor CAR T-cell therapy

The University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Cellular Immunotherapies has entered into a cancer treatment collaboration with suburban Boston-based Candel Therapeutics.

Through the partnership, Penn researchers will study the impact of novel viral immunotherapies based on herpes simplex virus (HSV) vectors provided by Candel in order to hopefully augment the effects of Penn’s CAR T-cell therapies in solid tumor models.  The Penn research team will be led by Neil C. Sheppard D.Phil, adjunct associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine in the Perelman School of Medicine and director of the T-Cell Engineering Lab within Penn’s Center for Cellular Immunotherapies.

Per a recent Philadelphia Business Journal (see link below), Paul Peter Tak, MD, PhD, Candel’s CEO, described his company’s partnership with Penn as “a first step towards evaluating the impact of innovative viral immunotherapies in combination with CAR-T cells.”

You can learn more about this exciting new partnership here.

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