Success Story

Verismo Therapeutics Activates its STAR-101 Clinical Trial to Evaluate Investigational Drug SynKIR-110

Penn spinout Verismo Therapeutics, which focuses on CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumors, has activated its STAR-101 Phase 1 clinical trial at Penn. STAR-101 will evaluate Verismo’s lead candidate, SynKIR™-110, an investigational drug for the treatment of multiple tumor types, including mesothelin-overexpressing malignant pleural mesothelioma, cholangiocarcinoma and ovarian cancer. Verismo is conducting the Phase 1 clinical trial in these tumor types to evaluate the feasibility and safety of SynKIR-110. 

“This trial marks a pivotal moment for our company,” said Bryan Kim, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Verismo, in the article. “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with distinguished researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, including Dr. Janos Tanyi, MD, PhD, Dr. Andrew Haas, MD, PhD, and Dr. Mark O’Hara, MD, to bring this innovative therapy to those who require it the most.” Read the full article here.

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